Software Testing Tools List

Best Software Testing Tools List

The sole purpose of this blog is to have you acquainted with some of the popular and useful Software Testing tools, in the form of Software Testing tools list.

  • Software Testing Tools List:

  1. Quality Center from HP (HP ALM):

The Quality Center software from HP is known to standardize testing. In fact, it is essentially an integrated IT quality management software. Automated testing forms one of its salient features which enables you to test speedily at an early stage.

Characteristics such as reusability and asset sharing enables QC to deliver reliable applications that are free of bugs.

Being a licensed tool, users can download the trial version to get a feel of it.

  1. Selenium:

Using Selenium, development of powerful web based test scripts becomes possible crosswise over various environments. You can likewise develop scripts utilizing Selenium that comes in very handy for easy reproduction of bugs, Exploratory testing and Regression testing. Remember that this one is an open source tool.

  1. Robotium:

An open source Testing tool Robotium is basically used for Android based UI testing. It is compatible with both hybrid and native applications.

With the help of Robotium, creation of easy to understand, time sparing, automation friendly gray box UI tests for the Android platform becomes possible. You can likewise execute Functional testing, System testing and User Acceptance testing of Android-based applications with assistance from Robotium.

  1. Silk Test:

A license product from Microfocus, the Silk Test is meant for automated Regression and Functional testing. It comes with a cross-browser support and brings to the table unified test automation to an assortment of applications such as web based, desktop based, mobile based applications etc.

It empowers proficient, fast and top-quality automation testing.

  1. Rational Functional Tester from IBM:

This tool is basically designed for automation based Regression testing and Functional testing. It likewise enables you to carry out GUI and data-driven testing as well. The RFT specific automated testing is based on the script assure technology which substantially enhances the proficiency of testing and permits maintenance of script with ease.

IBM RFT is known to support an assortment of web-based and terminal emulator based applications.

You can get trained on this software testing tools list by seeking admission to an Automation Testing institute in Pune.

Does CRBtech which happens to be a Testing institute in Pune, offer Software Testing tools based training?

Yes! The Software Testing syllabus at CRBtech covers Automation Testing as one of its modules under which you will be exposed to testing automation tools like QTP, Selenium, JMeter and so on…

But, apart from this, what’s on offer at CRBtech?

– Certification:

CRBtech rewards students with certificates who successfully complete the Software Testing course. An accreditation that you can mention in your CV. Handy for freshers. Also, candidates receive preparation assistance for third part certifications in Software Testing.

– Placements and industry collaborations:

Based on the information, CRB has succeeded in training in excess of 9000 candidates and placing them in various reputed companies. All thanks to the industry collaborations of CRBtech.

CRBtech has created a strong base for placements with 500+ placement client base. That means, huge number of job opportunities for its trainees. Collaboration with such a large number of MLCs and MNCs, no wonder if we come across a large number of candidates being placed by CRBtech.

– Infrastructure:

CRBtech is amongst those institutes that conducts best Software Testing classes in Pune, supported by the corporate level infrastructure at its offices. Right from training facilities to well equipped labs dedicated for Software Testing specific training. Computer systems with latest updated Testing related softwares.

The aim of CRB Tech behind providing such an infrastructure is to permit their students get a feel of the corporate world, right from their training days. Thus they do not feel like outsiders when they enter the industry.

The best Automation Testing institute in Pune would be the right choice to start with, for a career in test automation.

This time around, we came with the Software Testing tools list. Next time, we will see yet another aspect related to Software Testing.