Spring Boot Interview questions

Spring Boot Interview Questions:

In this article, you will 10 Spring Boot Interview questions with answers. Let us see few Spring Boot Interview questions:

1) Explain Spring boot

For making production ready, the Spring boot will make it simple for you and it has an excellent view of developing Spring application quickly. Convention over configuration is followed by it. In easier terms, there is default configuration for lots of Spring projects and there is no need for lots of bootstrap for any spring application.

2) Explain the usage of a boot in your application?

Spring application can be created with spring boot to make it simple as mentioned earlier and it can save a good amount of time and efforts.

3) Explain the disadvantages of Spring boot

For turning your old spring application to Spring boot it is not a direct approach and takes a lot of time.

4) How is it possible to override the default properties in Spring boot project?

There are lots of properties offered by Spring boot that can be overridden by giving them with application properties.

5) Explain the running of Spring boot application on a custom port?

In application properties, there is a need to simply put server port properties.

 6) Explain Spring boot starter and its usage?

There are lots of starters that is present in Spring boot which is a group of convenient dependency descriptors that can include your prom.xml.

7) Can Spring boot be used by us with applications that are not using Spring?

It is not currently feasible. Spring applications are the basis for Spring boot.

8) Explain the configuration name file for you to use in Spring boot?

In Spring boot projects, configuration files are used along with properties. It is quite significant for usage to override various default configurations.

9) Explain the actuator in Spring boot?

The most significant feature of Spring boot is Spring boot actuator. It is used for accessing present state of running an application in production environment. You can find lots of metrics for you to check the present state of the application.

10) How is spring security implemented with Spring boot application?

In Spring boot application there is a usage of Spring security for very little configuration. In pom.xml there is a need for you to include spring-boot-starter-security. You must also create Spring config class for extending WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter and override method for requiring to achieve security in Spring boot application.

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