What Are The Advantages Of CATIA?

What Are The Advantages Of CATIA?

Known as a 3D Item Lifecycle Store package, CATIA facilitates several levels of service (CAx), such as conceptualization, style (CAD), technological innovation (CAE) and production (CAM). CATIA helps collaborative technological innovation across professions around its 3DEXPERIENCE system, such as appearance & form style, electric liquid & electronics techniques style, technical technological innovation and techniques technological innovation.

CATIA helps the style of electronic, electric, and distributed techniques such as liquid and HVAC techniques, all the way to the production of certification for production.

Mechanical engineering:-

CATIA allows the creation of 3D areas, from 3D images, sheetmetal, compounds, shaped, made or pedaling areas up to the meaning of technical devices. The application provides advanced technological innovation for technical appearance & BIW. It provides tools to complete product meaning, such as functional specifications as well as kinematics meaning. CATIA provides an extensive variety of applications for pedaling style, for both general pedaling and mold & die.[10]


CATIA offers a treatment for form style, styling, appearance work-flow and creation to create, modify,[11] and confirm complicated innovative shapes from commercial style to Class-A appearance with the ICEM appearance technological innovation. CATIA facilitates several levels of product style whether started from scratch or from 2D images. CATIA v5 is able to read and produce STEP format files for reverse technological innovation and surface recycling.[10]

Systems engineering

The CATIA Systems Engineering remedy provides a unique start and extensible techniques technological innovation growth system that fully combines the cross-discipline modelling, simulator, confirmation and business process support needed for creating complicated ‘cyber-physical’ items. It allows organizations to evaluate demands for changes or develop new items or system versions utilizing a specific performance centered techniques technological innovation approach. The perfect remedy is details the Design Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) needs of users creating today’s smart items and techniques and consists of the following elements: Requirements Engineering, Systems Structure Modeling, Systems Actions Modeling & Simulation, Settings Control & Lifecycle Traceability, Automobile Included Systems Development (AUTOSAR Builder) and Industrial Automated Systems Development (ControlBuild).

CATIA uses the Modelica language in both CATIA Powerful Actions Modeling and Dymola, to quickly model and imitate the behaviour of complicated techniques that span several technological innovation professions. CATIA & Dymola are further extended by through the provision of a number of industry and domain specific Modelica collections that enable user to model and imitate an extensive variety of complicated techniques – ranging from automotive vehicle characteristics through to airplane flight dynamics. CATIA training is always there for you to make your profession in this field.