programming language

It is not just about considering our options but you also need to consider yourself before you initiate the process of learning programming language. Gnothi seauton is an ancient Greek saying which means know yourself. Undertaking a large learning program is very difficult and therefore it is tough to undertake it. It is very important to be aware of yourself and you need to make the choices which will initiate good chance of success. Before answering these questions be true to yourself:

Explain your preferred learning style?

How do you understand it the best? Is it by listening to a lecture? Reading? Real-time experience? Pick up the ones which is quite effective for you. Just because a style is famous or someone else advised you, please don’t choose a style.

Explain your needs and requirements?

The reason behind looking out for how to learn a program? Are you going to switch your job? How fast you want to change it? Just understand that these are needs and not wants. You may be wanting to change the job within 2 weeks but you need a better job within a year to stand up for yourself.

Explain your available resources?

Especially, returning to college and securing a degree in computer science will be good, but you must be true to yourself. Must your learning be given sufficient amount of time and money for several months to take part in a boot camp? Learning opportunities must be offered in your area.

Use the resources available to you in an effective way and before taking a step please do research about the course.

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Choose a language

  • As you initiate your goal and select your options, just think that what others say will not matter at all. When compared to others, some languages are quite famous. The most famous languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python currently are good to learn. This will not be forever as what is famous today will pass away in future and therefore do not get stuck with the choice.

  • The basic principles of classes, methods, conditionals, functions, control flow and other programming topics will be the same more or less irrespective of the language to use. There will be a change only in grammar and community best practices. In Perl, you need to learn the program as you can in Rust or Swift.

  • You need to work in various languages as a programmer in the course. Therefore just do not get stuck with the first one you learn.

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Check the depth

  • Just be sure before plunging into the course that programming is the one you would be doing the rest of your life. For that, you need to take a sip of the course before diving completely. This is not everybody’s cup of tea.

  • Just explore the smaller or the cheaper options of the learning program to make sure of your enjoyment you may have or frustration or bore you may acquire from the 40 hours course a week. If you are not happy or enthusiastic about the course you will not finish it. Even though you complete the course you will land up in a miserable job. Don’t waste your life doing what you don’t want.

  • Luckily software development is not just limited to programming and it is unbelievably helpful for being familiar with programming concepts and get to know about software but there is no need to be a programmer for getting a well-paying job in software development.

  • Project manager, technical writer, quality assurance, user experience, designers, data scientist are some of the important roles in this process. The software must be launched successfully for requiring lots of different roles and people. For becoming a good programmer, you need to know how to program. Just check your options and get to know what actually suits you.