what is JSON?

JSON is the abbreviation for ‘JavaScript Object Notation’ which is designed to exchange data as a standard format. It is a simple text-based and lightweight data standard, which is intended for the human-readable data exchange.In this tutorial, it is expected that the JSON’s novices possess an elementary knowledge of how the web applications work over the HTTP protocol along with the knowledge of JavaScript.

JavaScript Object Notation is the full form of JSON and it is meant for standard exchange of data. It is quite a simple text-based and nonheavy data standard which is meant for the legibility of human data exchange. A basic knowledge is possessed by JSON novices and that is what is expected in this tutorial. We will focus on theJSON novices elementary knowledge on the working of web applications over the HTTP protocol including the knowledge of JavaScript.

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Things to note for JSON

  • JSON’s abbreviation is JavaScript Object Notation

  • Douglas Crockford stated the JSON format

  • .json is the extension filename for JSON

  • Application/JSON is the internet media type for JSON

  • Easily readable by human

  • Public.json is the Uniform Type Identifier

Applications of JSON data format

  • For browser extensions and websites, JSON data format is widely used in the programming language written by JavaScript language.

  • For transmitting the data that is structured between a client and server in the web applications JSON data format is used.

  • In the process of serialization and transmission, JSON data format is frequently used for the structured data over the network.

  • In the programming of Web Services and APIs, JSON data format is used for providing public data.

  • JSON data format is used for offering public data in the programming of web services.

  • The scope of use is widening because of the language-independent data format with other programming languages.

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Characteristics of JSON data format

  • It is very easy to read and write

  • It is not very heavy and is text based

  • There is language independence in JSON format and it can use with lots of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, PERL, Java/J2EE, Python, C, C++, etc.