Java Programming

There is a common question in Java asked by most of the beginners that is how to enhance the Java programming skills. The theoretical concepts are simple to grasp at the time of solving real-world issues which are quite difficult. The actual reason is there was no clear understanding of the concept with real-world links. Here we will see how to enhance the Java Programming skills and become a successful Java developer.

1) Understand the basic of OO:

For becoming a better programmer you need to get to know about the perfect data structure algorithms, Design patterns, and OO principles. If you want to become a Java developer then it is a must to know the basics of OO well. Please ask such questions:

-Explain objects in Java and how it relates to the real world?

-Explain inheritance and what do you mean by is a relation and has a relation?

-Explain inheritance and its use? How to implement it in the real life?

2) Read Books:

Wherever you go it is not possible for you to replace a good book and it will definitely explain you the concepts in a simpler way by linking it with real-world objects. There are great programming skills present in the authors and simply by reading the books you are getting to know someone’s experience. You can find the most practical authoritative guidelines present in this book with no previous experience.

3) Keep Practicing:

It is not possible for you to become an excellent programmer just by getting to know a book. You can very well talk about the bookish theory concepts. You can understand the language limitations or design by best practices only at the time of coding. Therefore to become a programmer you have to be writing lots of code.

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4) Enhance the core APIs:

The core APIS are to be mastered if you want to become an excellent Java programmer in java.lang.*,*, java.util.* etc. Irrespective of the type of framework you are using you must have a strong knowledge of Servlets.

5) Invest a good amount of time in analyzing the problem:

Before initiating your code, invest lots of time in getting to know and understand the designing solutions and problems. It is possible to make the remaining things simpler. After doing this if any error happens then just fix it.

6) You get to know more by helping others:

Just go for online technology forum subscription by giving to Open Source projects like StackOverflow and start communicating with real programmers. Put forth your questions and also reply them by other forum members. Just have a look at the open source java projects at GitHub.

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7) Keep it simple:

Keep the code logical and understandable and don’t make ti complete for proving the capability to write such codes. Things go well with simple but logical codes which resulted in lesser issues and is quite extendable.

8) Follow good blogs:

This world is not only for you where you can find lots of enthusiastic people who face the same technology in the world and blogging their thoughts on the technology. Programmers write the blogs and most give their personal point of view and experience. It is possible to view good and bad of a technology.

9) Update yourself with Java’s latest technologies:

Open source frameworks keep evolving in Java and after you start working on a framework it may become some brand new framework which is obsolete and may come with super-set of features.

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10) Read documentation:

Programmers read a lot of documentation and that is an important and an essential habit of them. There are other stuff like JSP, tutorials, API documents. Etc.