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For Java developers let us see few of the important frameworks and libraries. Here are few web development frameworks like Seam, Spring MVC, Primefaces Google Web Toolkit with Eclipse RCP platform for developing desktop GUI in Java.

1) Spring MVC:

The best Java web development framework currently is Spring MVC and there is no second thought over here. There are lots of ways, there is a simpler way for Spring made Java development, streamline and it also offers the most required boost. An IOC container offers the spring on its core which gets the responsibility for handling the system objects and connecting them together but this is regarded as one of the Spring functionality.

For enterprise Java development the important thing over here is the enterprise and Spring has a suite of libraries. A top-class security framework is offered by Spring along with a simple way to implement LDAP authentication.

2) Struts:

Java web development framework king is none other than Struts even before Spring. In the days, it was the apt Java MVC framework and till now there are large companies who use it. In early 2000, the web applications were composed mostly of Struts. Since then, Struts have come from a long way and Struts 1.0 has moved forward and currently, Struts is mostly Struts 2.0. Simple Web 2.0 applications are developed and it is quite good.

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3) Junit:

For Java application, the best Unit testing framework is Junit. It will definitely give you a good career break if you have mentioned Junit in your CV. Although since a long time Junit is present and almost become a portion of Java application development and it uses annotation for writing unit test even much better than before.

A lot of power and convenience to the unit test has been included by Junit 4.0 annotations. A unit test can be written in a simpler way for checking Exceptions.

4) Maven:

It is a known fact that Maven cannot be considered as a framework but to me, it seems like a framework used for building. ANT was quite famous for Maven and mostly there are various organizations that have their own build framework relying on ANT. Currently, the rule is for Maven.

Convention over configuration is the backbone of Maven and in ANT you require to define all of them eg: target directory, source directory etc. A standard project structure is enforced by Maven and it uses default values which are reasonable for build procedure simplification. One more thing which makes Maven quite a good framework is an idea of maven repository.

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5) Hibernate:

Two years back, Spring and Hibernate were the most wished skill sets. The pair was spoiled somewhat with the help of EJB 3.0. It is very good to learn Java persistence framework and is worth learning. JEE or Spring is used by the projects and Hibernate fits very good in the Spring.

6) PrimeFaces:

Java Framework offers JSF component for developing a rich web application as per Primefaces. For Java Server Faces 2.0, a rich set of components are offered by PrimeFaces. Based on JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs, it has also a constructed support for Ajax. There is also a good community support present and this is the key to success for any open source framework.

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7) Seam:

A Java web framework from JBoss also called Seam and the reason for it is its Ajax Support and easier use of EJB 3.0 and the excellent way to leverage JSF.

8) Google Web Toolkit:

The ideal Java Web Framework from Google is GWT or Google Web Toolkit. You can also find lots of tools, plugins, examples which can assist you to know about GWT quickly.