good programming language

There are lots of factors where the programmers actually choose one language from the other. There are lots of good characteristics of a good programming language:

1) Simplicity, Clarity, and Unity:

A conceptual framework for Algorithm planning is offered by the programming language and it implies of expressing them. A simple, clear unified set of concepts are offered by it which uses primitives in algorithms development.

It must have: This has less number of various concepts with rules for integration being simple and regular. Conceptual integrity is caused by the attribute.

2) Orthogonality:

It is regarded as one of the famous features and it means Changing A does not change B. An orthogonal system would be a radio for real-world example where changing the station does not modify the volume and it is the same in reverse direction.

It is easy to learn the programs when the features are orthogonal as there are only a few exceptions that are special and must be noted.

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3) Support for Abstraction:

You can find a substantial gap that can be found present between the operations and abstract data structure that characterize the solution to a specific data structure and operations constructed into a language.

4) Programming Environment:

An extra utility is added by the appropriate programming envi ronment and makes the language for getting implemented in an easy way. Well documentation which is reliable efficient and is quite available

5) The simplicity of program Reusability:

In a language when the reusability of a program is written it is always the main concern. There are lots of testing techniques in a program like :

  • Formal Verification Method

  • Desk Checking

  • Input-Output Test Checking.

The program is verified by lots of techniques. Program verification will be difficult for lots of troublesome usages. Primary aspect for simplicity semantic and syntactic structure that implies to make the program verification easy.

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6) Portability of Programs:

You must change the program from what is developed to the other computer and this is what implies that programming language should be portable

7) The naturalness of application:

You must understand the language easily and learn it without any trouble. The syntax must be easier.

8) Programming Environment:

The programmer actually depends on the programming environment. 3GT should be used by the coding programmer similar to Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio that assists the automatic code generation and thus save lots of coding time.

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9) Cost Usage:

The programming language must be preferred by the developer which has less cost of usage. Eg: You can use Java because it is the free and open source and similarly Visual Studio IDE will be required by .NET for buying it and therefore must have to cost along with it.