Core Java Training

With the right kind of training, one can enjoy an illustrious career in Java. Opportunities galore! Is what ‘s associated with the Java programming language. It is the quality of training you receive; to be specific, Core Java training, that would become an influential factor in deciding the success gradient of your career in Java. Core Java, since it covers the fundamentals of the programming language on which the Advanced Java topics are based as well.

While searching for institutes that conduct Java programming classes, a prominent name that one comes across is CRBtech.

Known to be a Java training facilitator, here’s what CRBtech has to offer as a part of its Java Training and Placement program…..

To start with, the biggest advantage with CRBtech is that it offers a Hire & Training program and not just a training program. That too, with a ‘100% job guarantee‘ in writing!

Domain Knowledge:

CRBtech offers Core Java training under its Java programming classes. Classes are conducted at its spacious corporate office that is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and training facilities. With this, the candidates get a feel of being in the corporate environment, as if they are working in one of the corporate houses.

An overview of Core Java syllabus-

The major modules covered as a part of this course are

– Introduction To OOPS

– Language Fundamentals

– Introduction To Java And SDE

– Introduction To Classes And Objects

– Polymorphism

– Inheritance


Garbage collection


– Reflection


Wrapper classes


GUI and Swing Basics

File I/O

JDBC etc……

Emphasis is given towards providing practical training. After all, in case of a programming language, practical knowledge is what counts. It’s all about what you can do in terms of writing the code.

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Placement Facts:

Some aspects related to CRBtech placements….

– Each trainee undergoing the Java training programme with us, is provided a 100% job guarantee on a legal stamp paper. Getting a job is no more a worry!

– CRB follows a policy of providing candidates with unlimited interview calls, till the point they are placed. Candidates are thus able to fully focus on the training part, as they are provided guaranteed placement.

– A job in hand in the form of an LOI (Letter of Intent) that is awarded to the candidates.

– CRBtech is known to have a collaboration with 500+ clients, which means better chances of getting placed.

Trainers at CRBtech:

CRBtech believes that trainers play a crucial part in transforming this course into the best Java course for beginners. Keeping this in mind, they have recruited industry experienced expert trainers to train candidates in Java. Trainers are known to clear the silliest of doubts posed by the candidates.

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Non-technical training:

Apart from Core Java training, students are exposed to add on training in the form of soft skills, foreign language and so on…thus ensuring their overall growth, and not just technical or domain related knowledge.

– German language training:

German language coaching is provided at CRBtech to help trainees make the most out of abroad job opportunities.

– Mock interviews and aptitude skill training:

Aptitude preparation is a part of the training program and it helps the job seeker to crack the hardest of the aptitude tests, when they go on the hunt for jobs. Mock interviews are also conducted, which give them important tips for cracking the company interviews.

– Soft skill enhancement training:

Soft skill training is given to the students to boost their confidence. Many of the candidates who underwent the Java course, have benefited from this. They have expressed the same. Good English communication is necessary when you enter the corporate world and unfortunately this happens to be a weakness for majority of freshers.


CRBtech goes out of the way and offers the interested candidates assistance, for their Java Sun certification exam. In addition to this, candidates who complete the Java training program successfully, are awarded course completion certificates.

Being associated with this particular field for in excess of 15 years now, CRBtech’s aim has always been to train Engineers in verticals such as Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Clinical Research and more. That training program in Java is stated to be a part of this vision of CRBtech.

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To facilitate all round development of a hopeful, the focus is not just on providing domain related or technical knowledge, but also work on aspects like communication skills, personality development and so forth. These skill add-ons lay the platform for 360° development of the career aspirants.

If these are the ingredients required to make a course to be the best Java complete course, then this Core Java training course offered by CRBtech, can definitely be called one!