programming languages

The prime goal of being a programmer is to understand new technologies and programming languages but still there comes a question which language you must learn? Here are few languages that are important and beneficial for you to learn:

1) Kotlin :

If you are considering to learn Android App development then this is the right programming language for 2018. This is the ideal thing to happen in the Android World. Although Java is the best-chosen language by me, there are lots of support received from Koltin and IDEs for eg: IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio which assists Kotile with Android development.

2) Python :

Java is knocked down currently by Python and it has to become the best programming languages in Academica and Universities. This language has lots of power and is very good to generate scripts. For everything you consider, you can find a python module for whatever you think.

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3) JavaScript :

This language stands the first on the web. It is very much popular because of the rise of frameworks like Angular JS, jQuery, and React JS for making JavaScript quite famous. It is very wise to learn JavaScript sooner as you cannot stay away from the web. There are other libraries apart from Angular JS or React JS like Jquery that rely on JavaScript and this is the reason it is number one language for client-side validation.

4) Java :

One of the very popular, effective and strong programming languages is none other than Java. There are lots of features in Java 8 and now JDK 9 is also released and is a must language to learn in 2018.

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5) Go :

This is another interesting language to learn in 2018 and it is quite famous and on the later part of this year its usage will definitely increase and the competition among Go developers is also quite less because of less number of people. There are only few Go developers in the world, therefore, you can bag this opportunity right away.

6) C# :

This is definitely a wonderful language for you to learn in 2018 especially for developer GUI. Just refer books like Complete C# Unity Developer.

7) Swift :

If iOS development is what you are thinking about then iPhone and iPad must be taken into account on a serious basis in the year 2018. iOS apps can be developed and it replaces Objective C as the best-chosen language. It has outnumbered objective C.

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8) Rust :

It is quite ideal to learn among the developers. The most loved programming language is the title given to it and has won the price in a Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2016 and 2017. This is ideal for you even if you are an experienced programmer.

9) PHP :

It is definitely a very good surprise and doesn’t consider it as dead, it is quite lively. PHP is used for making 50 % of the internet websites and therefore you cannot leave away the PHP power. Beginners can learn it as a good starting point.

10) C/C++ :

Last but not the least C and C++ are evergreen languages and being strong with academics alone will not be satisfied. It is good to learn it better from an online course now.