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Currently, there are lots of Java libraries available for you but tried and tested libraries are the most preferred by the developers. Here are few essential third-party Java libraries that developers must understand.  They are free and exhibit wonderful features that are useful for all developers from freshers to professional coders.

1) Commons Math:

A free mathematics library offering various numerical analysis, geometry, complex numbers, linear algebra and more is none other than Commons Math. There are statistical and mathematical components with self-contained and lightweight for addressing programming issues like linear equations solving systems, machine learning, curve fitting and much more.

2) LWJGL3:

For the purpose of designing Java games, LWJGL 3 (Lightweight Java Game Library) is a cross-platform library. High performance and direct access are offered by this library which is a standalone platform to native APIs for graphics development (OpenGL), audio (OpenAL), and parallel computing(OpenCL) applications.

3) Jsoup:

HTML is parsed in Java with the help of HTML parser library in Jsoup to the same DOM like modern browsers. It permits parsing HMTL from a URL, string or file and manipulating HTML elements, attributes, and text. For the purpose of manipulating and extracting data, there are convenient API for the best CSS, DOM, and jquery-like methods. For data extraction, there are several selector syntaxes like Jquery-like and regex.

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4) SWT:

For Java, there is an open-source widget library designed called as the Standard Widget Toolkit or SWT. For offering efficient and portable access it was designed with user interface elements of the operating system where it is used. There are lots of development tools from widgets, sample snippets, documentation, and examples.

5) FreeHEP:

High Energy Physics is involved for developing applications that are quite a useful library for use. Java code’s sharing and reusability are encouraged by FreeHEP in high energy physics and various other components like a vector graphics, HepRep, PostScript Viewer and much more. Only certain parts can be used by you without the need for an entire library by FreeHEP to decrease the dependencies.

6) Apache Log4j:

Loggin is enabled by Java and for this purpose Apache Log4j, a logging library is used without the need for changing the application binary. The log statements are designed by the Log4j package to stay in the shipping code without heavy performance costs.

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7) Jackson:

A standard JSON parser library for Java called Jackson is the rapid and user-friendly library which comprised of a suite of data processing tools for Java and JVM like the JSON parser, data-binding library and other data format modules like CBOR, BSON, AVRO, CSV, XML and more.

8) JfreeChart:

A robust API is featured by a free Java chart library called as JfreeChart to assist help developers to express professional looking charts on both server and client-side applications. Bar charts, pie charts, Gantt Charts, histograms etc are created by it. There are various output formats like JavaFX components and Swing which is supported by it.

9) Google Guava:

There are lots of Java-based projects which have an open source Java libraries called as Google Guava like primitives support, functional programming, string processing, common annotation, etc. The ultimate motto is to make Java more pleasant language by testing preconditions easily and the implementations must be simplified by it for object methods and simplifications of exception and error propagation and examination.

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10) Hibernate ORM

Database tables and Java classes can be mapped by the object or relational mapping library called Hibernate ORM. For developing applications the developers are permitted and persistent classes are developed by the data with the help of natural object-oriented idioms.

11) Java WordNet Library (JWNL)

The WordNet relational dictionary is accessed by the JWNL Java API for developing NLP applications. Java generics, dictionaries, and improved database support are assisted by the extended library.