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On a daily basis, lots of unsatisfied professionals who are employees, students and jobless or underemployed workers think of programming as career choice which is apt. You will get to see software engineering job as the most paid jobs which are well represented and it mostly looks like lots of other jobs that need coding abilities.

It is interesting to note that the highest ranked positions are none other than the programming roles that do not need an advanced degree or few of licensure. This can be mixed with the fact that there is a good number of free learning material and course ware that is needed for aspiring developers and there is a good clarity of the appeal.

Their earning potential has been enhanced for those looking substantially without thinking about the cost of a legal degree or medical where coding is another unique option.

The (big) data

1) Stack Overflow:

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey is a large volume of data in the year 2017 shows hat 64000 developers all over the world have been offered with a good amount of pay in the United States as:

1. Scala

2. Go

3. Objective-C

4. Coffee Script

5. Perl

There are top five languages globally like Rust, Closure, Elixir, F#, and Go in that order. Ahead of languages, stack overflow also had tools and technologies in 2016. It is noteworthy to mention that Cassandra, Apache Spark, and Adopt were in top five and one JavaScript library linked with Closure, Go and Perl. For checking the results there will not be much of a stretch for doing this point for achievement of big data.

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2) Gooroo:

Data analyzes and compilation is done by Gooroo for 500,000 job ads every months and it leads to consistency of Stack Overflow. The current data is the basis for its language rankings:

1) Scala

2) Clojure

3) Ruby

4) Bash

5) Python

The top of the list is done by Scala and Clojure and Gooroo does not have data on F#. Here the main odd man is Bash and as we cannot see Bash programmer as a job title.

If there are other tools includes included like the big data and JavaScript with Spark Cassandra, Node, Hadoop and Backbone that makes the top ten.

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A wealth of salary data is present in the Indeed with a page dedicated for users to search and compare salaries relying on nearly 1 million job ads, employees, and users over a one-year period. With the help of a subset of the most ranking languages from the Stack Overflow data and Gooroo here are top five:

1. Bash

2. Scala

3. Java

4. Go

5. Ruby

Bash stepped in more than 15000 dollars above Scala for an average annual salary which is larger in difference when compared to the space among the others in top five.

4) What to note about best-paying languages:

Scala is considered as a language with good salary package with respect to the data with big data ecosystem of tools offering a good amount of paycheck as a field of interest. This is true as anecdotally it is considered that Scala is a good choice for using the listed big data tools.

Go and Clojure each ranked in the top five in two of the three datasets would coincide with what we actually expect.

Similar to Scala, both are actually young languages and is famous among smaller circles but is not that common and is basically used for industrial strength tasks inside the organization that depend completely on engineering expertise.

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