In this blog, we will get to know about the best 10 resources for learning JavaScript that will include websites, books, tools, blogs, etc.

1) Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

Marijin Haverbeke wrote the digital book called the Eloquent JavaScript. JavaScript can be learned from this book. The entire book can be accessed by you online. Programmers of any level can use the Eloquent JavaScript at their best.

You can learn in detail about computers in this book and how to use them. Currently, screwdrivers and computers can be compared effectively but they have lots of hidden complexity and therefore are tougher for operating and understanding. Most of them remain alien and are less frightening.

2) Learn about JavaScript Design patterns by Addy Osmani

About both recent and classical design patterns can be learned from his book that will assist you to Structure code in a wonderful manner. The main target of this book is on advanced JavaScript concepts like Command Pattern, Prototype pattern, and MVC patterns.

One of the significant parts of writing maintainable code is to notice the themes which are recurring in that code and optimize them.

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3) JavaScript for Cats

You can start learning JavaScript even if you are a cat and you can also find lots of wonderful place than this online book. This book offers an excellent introduction to JavaScript.

4) Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

This developer resource network has Mozilla JavaScript Guide that has come up. It is one of the most significant guides that assists you to teach hands-on.

Any skill level can actually join this and it offers a good amount of exposure to recently advanced functions.

5) JavaScript is attractive

Various skills offered from a beginner point of view on this website. You can also find lots of resources which can be referred to you over here.

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6) Learn Javascript

All the basics of JavaScript are covered over here in this book for the beginners. It shows in a quite simple manner and a short passage on most of the subject which follows the exercises and examples.


You can find lots of information on this blog and it will assist you to know more about concepts from Javascript. You can also find subscriptions in this blogs of all the JavaScript updates in WordPress.


An Engineer at Google namely, Addy Osmani has written this blog on open web tooling. A very great personality namely Addy Osmani and his blogs explain you lot about what is new in JavaScript and what are the recent updates.

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You can also subscribe to this top blog as it offers you with all the JavaScript concepts. Exploring JavaScript is similar to Prefectionkills website for example.

10) Grunt

The JavaScript Task Runner Tool is none other than a Grunt tool. With the usage of this task runner tool that will need to do less work when doing tasks repeatedly can be minification, unit testing, compilation, etc. With the help of Gruntfile, you can actually configure it. Most of the work can be done by the task runner for basically nil efforts of yours.

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