Java Machine Learning

Java machine learning and the best tools to get started with

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Although Java is present ancestrally today most of the talk is about artificial intelligence and machine learning. With implementations in any new emerging technology there is no secret hidden to researchers and scientists. Here you can find an overview of the main Java machine learning frameworks and express how good it is to get started without the wheel reinvention and algorithm creation from the basic.

Here are few simpler things to highlight 3 projects for helping you get started:

1) Deeplelearning4J (DL4J)- Distributed and commercial-grade, open source, deep learning library for JVM.

2) BID Data Project- For enabling fast collection of patterns, large-scale machine learning and data mining.

3) Neuroph- Object-oriented neural network

1) DL4J- Deep Learning

For assisting you a tool called DL4J is made in the process of deeply configuring neural networks and are made of multiple layers. A deep sense of learning brings into the JVM along with fast prototyping and customization with target on more convention than configuration. People who are already needing the theory for creating and use neural networks that are deep and for them this tool is used. For solving specific problems involving lots of amounts of data and neutral net property customization. Java is the programming language used for writing it and therefore it is compatible with any JVM language like Clojure, Scala or Kotlin and it combines with Spark and Hadoop.

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2) BID Data Project

People who are dealing with large amounts of data and are sensitive towards performance, the project called BID Data is made for such people. A collection of hardware, design patterns, and software for enabling fast and large-scale data mining. The BIDMach is the first library for holding records for various common machine learning problems on single nodes or clusters. It can be used to manage data sources, distribute and optimize data over CPUs or GPUS.

There are of famous machine learning algorithms and the team is focusing on development of distributed Deep Learning networks, graph algorithms and other models.

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3) Neuroph

It is a lightweight Java framework for developing common neural network architectures. A Java library is offered by the framework along with a GUI tool and can use it for creating and training your own networks in neural in Java programs.

An open source Java library is present in it along with a small basic class with respect to essential neural network concepts. If you are at the start of your career it is good to go with neural networks. Join the Java courses in Pune to make your career in this field.