Java Developer

Here are few tips mentioned on how to become a Java developer and how to learn Java programming skills and become a professional in Java coding:

1) Good knowledge of Oops principles and basic foundation:

The basic foundation of Java is object-oriented programming and Java developers must be strong in it. There is no possibility of admiring the beauty of Java language without OOPS knowledge. When the developer is not that experienced in OOPs concept, it is not possible to appreciate Java language. It is not just about learning the definitions and principles of OOPs because of the knowledge that the developers acquire and posses speaks a lot in designing the OOP solution.For becoming an excellent Java developer, there must be a sound knowledge possessed by the developer in polymorphism, design patterns, inheritance, object modeling and other basics.

2) Skilled in core API’s:

Java developer must be skilled in few portions like constructs and core APIs. You can exhibit yourself as an excellent Java developer, the developer must possess good experience on core APIs like collections, java.lang, I/O, Threads, Exceptions, generics, and JDBC. It does not matter what kind of framework is used for web application development because a very good knowledge of JSP and servlets is very much required.

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3) Practice Coding:

It is quite simple and easy to look about Java theoretically. It is possible for you to become a good Java developer for implementing the approach and the language limitations and best design practices. The best way for learning Java programming is coding and it helps in becoming a Java specialist.

4) Forum subscription:

You can find lots of people in the world that are working on the same Java technology and struggling for gaining a presence as the best Java developer. Simple concepts and projects are not offering actual real challenges. On a real-time project if a developer actually works then the useless part is there are no solutions found in the official documents. The actual aspect to be achieved by the developer is for subscribing the technology forums when working with new technology. While working there are few issues that needs to be faced by someone else somewhere.

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5) Blogs and responses:

In the global using Java there are various enthusiastic technology freaks. You can find the varied perspective of the technology on the blog and can be found where lots of bloggers can be found blogging for insights. In this place you can find the way people actually speaking great of the technology and few people speaking rubbish with regards to the framework and giving the reason for the same. Both good and bad aspects are exhibited by a blog of the technology and therefore few of the ones are actually followed and replied.

6) Thorough learning of Java:

A good Java developer is called as the usage of framework. The source code will be understood only by an outstanding developer for various successful frameworks where you can get to know about the internal mechanism and the best practices. In an operational way, this framework can be used.

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7) Developments in technology:

There is a constant change in open source software development. An insight must be gained for getting a full idea on framework where a framework actually comes up in the brand new set of features. To get the solution must be the major issue over here with the current network where a brand new network problem actually solves with a single line of introduction and configuration.

8) Code snippets and utilities must be easier:

The same code may be repeated again and again therefore more time and patience is require for the Java developer. Log4. Properties, JDBC configurations and utilities like reflectionUTils, StringUtils and DBUtils quite handy. For understanding in a better way, this may not be the reason for you to help your colleague who needs a value of a property from object collection. As a Java developer this can make you outstanding.

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8) Different methodology and development:

There are various methodologies demanded for development currently. Java developer must be proficient in this language with the latest methodology and updating of knowledge like a waterfall, Agile, XP, SCRUM. Agile is required by some of the clients and few of them are satisfied with waterfall model and therefore a good developer must be the best in all the methodologies.

10) Record thoughts:

There are lots of ideas one needs to learn as a Java developer and they would find it better for handling few issues. All you need to do is just record such thoughts and just spread it across the group as it will be beneficial for other Java programmers.