Sun Microsystems developed and released Java, a programming language in the year 1995. There are lots of application and websites that we use or see are developed using Java language.

Significance of string in Java Programming Language

Most of the Java programmers use String very frequently and they are very crucial in Java. It is significant that a good knowledge of String class is necessary for Java developers so that they can use them effectively. Here are few significant topics about Java String:

1. No null character used for termination.

There is no need for using a null character by String for the purpose of termination. On the other hand, objects and strings are supported by character array. For representing a string in a language programmers can use a character array. This can be done using toCharArray() method of java.lang.String class of JDK.

2 Strings are not changeable

Most of the Java programmers must be aware of the fact that Strings cannot be modified and it means once the string is created by the programmer it cannot be changed. Still, if the programmer persists to change the content of the string it will lead to the creation of a new string. On the other words, there is no permission granted for adding new content into the existing string and even the functionality of a string cannot be overridden.

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3. String Pool contains the strings

There is a separate string pool in the strings and inside the Java memory, the string pool is a special memory located. With the help of String literal if the string object is created by the programmer the string pool is not checked by the JVM for creating an object using the new operator.

4. Comparison of Strings is done using equals method

Equality method is not used for comparison of two strings rather equals() method is used by the String class. The content equality is offered by the string class as it overrides the equals method which basically has characters, order, and case, in use.

5. Retrieving part of String in Java

Substring() is used for retrieving only a portion of String in Java by the Java programmers. Start and end index is specified by the programmers and it returns character from the specified range. With the help of character arrays substring(), methods are also backed and it is also used by an original string.

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6. Strings Assists Operator Overloading

Although operator overloading concept is not assisted by Java programming language most of the special programmers can use the operator overloading method. For combining two strings + operator can be used by the Java programmers. For converting char, int, long or double to convert char, int, long or double to transform into String by simply combining with an empty string “”.


In Java, strings are quite important and the content inside the string cannot be overridden or changed after creation. There are various other functionalities supported by strings and they can be used by programmers according to their project need.