JVM Languages

If you want to learn Java programming for enhancing your knowledge and skill but you are not aware which programming language to select then you are welcomed over here to read this blog. There are three JVM languages that are best suited for Java programmers in 2018. It is definitely good to be a Polyglot developer and they are often valued high on interviews. It also enhances your thinking.

It also enhances your thinking as different programming languages have various features which make few things very easy.

You will get to know the experience and knowledge of comparing cons and pros of two programming languages, which is needed to write a better code.

Most of the language that is suggested by Java developers is JVM as they are easy to know about Java programmers. In some way or the other, there is a link related to Java and this is the reason behind the in-depth knowledge of the mind of any Java developer.

There are three programming language Java developer you need to know in 2018. It is very difficult to learn the languages therefore only three languages are mentioned:

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1. Scala :

There has been a long time Scala has been around and when it arrived at first it was touted as the wonderful language to replace Java. This does not happen mostly after few functional programming features enhanced in Java 8 for instance stream and lambdas but Scala is still the language for most the Java developers.

In the past two years, Scala has enhanced lots of companies and startups for using the Sony, Uber, Autodesk, Amazon, etc which makes it the most wanted skill.

There are famous Scala frameworks like Spark, Play, Akka is also assisting companies for adopting Scala for web development and Big Data solutions no surprise that Scala developers are paid more than 120K USD on an average.

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2. Kotlin :

In 2011, Kotlin was unveiled by JetBrains but no any programmers are able to pay attention till Google has unveiled it as the main language for Android Development on 2017 Google IO.

Similar to Groovy and Scala, Kotlin runs on the JVM platform and is later compiled to Java bytecode.

So if you are willing to learn Android development and want to make your app safe from NullPointerException and want to make your function with purity write few higher order function stuff or few functional programming stuff that you need to learn Kotlin in 2018.

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3. Groovy :

The Groovy landscape in 2017 has been explored and from that experience, I can say that most of the Java developer must learn Groovy. Java programming is really complimented by it with its concise syntax and power programming features like collection literals, multi-line strings, def to define anything.

The lines of code will be reduced if you start learning Groovy when compared to Java. Spock framework is specification and descriptive based unit testing framework which is simpler and extends what Junit actually offers.

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