Now with some advances, you can rely on .NET be it for building a desktop application, a website, a mobile app, or a microservice. Code sharing is now easy because GitHub now provides a unified BCL. You can focus on the attributes and technologies which are specific to user experiences and platforms you target.


This is how they want to realize the promise: they will provide source and binary compatibility for applications which target the core Base Class Libraries (BCL) across every platform with the same behavior all over. The Base Class Libraries existed in System, mscorlib, System.Data, System.Core, and System.XML and that is not bound to a particular application model and are not connected to a particular OS implementation.

Whether you focus on .NET Core 1.0 surface or the upcoming version of .NET Core with an expanded API, your existing code would continue to work.

Here is mentioned a few examples of the additions that are going to make life easier when you target .NET Core:

  • Reflection would be the same as .NET Framework, no need for GetTypeInfo(), well old.GetType() returns.
  • Types would not miss members who have been removed for clean up reasons (Clone(), Close() vs Dispose(), old APM APIs)
  • Binary serialization would be available again

What it signifies in .NET Core?

Originally, when .NET Core was designed much talk was about modularization and pay for play, meaning one has to consume the disk space for the features that you use. And this still can be realized without compromising heavily on compatibility.

Initially, the plan was to achieve minimum disk space usage and depends on a manual process of dividing the functionality in small libraries.

Timelines and process

The process to extend the API surface of .NET Core would happen after the shipment of .NET Core 1.0 RTM. This way, those who have been following along .NET Core would be able to deploy to production.

One of the first things which will be done is to publish a set of API references listing, which APIs are planned to be brought. They also intend to call out which APIs they don’t plan to bring.

They are also planning to release several updates to .NET Core on NuGet which extends the set of APIs available.

That’s it for now!

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