• NuoDB

A client or a cloud relational database technology also called as NuoDB is SQL compliant and it has been called NewSQL. In the cloud, it has a distributed object architecture that it can work with. The term emergent architecture is the term used by NuoDB for their database and it implies that a new server is included for scaling up the database and it runs faster. Amongst lots of processors, the NuoDB database distributes the tasks for avoiding bottlenecks of data. A peer to peer messaging is used and it is ACID compliant.

A tiered approach is used by the database and it comprises of various redundant tiers of transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM). The data predictably can be approached by its assistance in the cloud. There are lots of NuoDB domains with various redundant Tes and Sms for running on the similar platform. There are various types of NuoDB working on various platforms like Mac OS, Windows, Solaris, x86, and JoyentCloud.

  • Uses of NuoDB

  1. Mobile Applications

There are lots of times various mobile apps are downloaded. For scaling out various requirements of the cloud-based mobile app due to the web service provider’s meter which runs at most of the time. Elastic scalability is provided by NuoDB at lots of transactions per second with less administration.

  1. Web-Scale Applications

Developers must get to know better beforehand about their applications release. It is possible for another major app better than Facebook. All the elastic-scale out is given to them by NuodB and they might mostly require integrated safety and awareness of SQL/ACID.

  1. Multi-Tenant Solutions

For hosting lots of databases there is a requirement for Internet Service Providers which is efficient while keeping all the customer’s database isolated from each other. True multi-tenancy is offered by NuoDB at cheap cost and has been deployed on lots of servers.

  1. Saas Solutions

There are lots of providers of SaaS and ISVs that are successful and have sharded, tuned and replicated making sure of high performance and zero downtime. There is no need for sharding, replication or various performance works in NuoDB.

  • Disadvantage of SQL over NuoDB?

SQL is regarded as a relation-based data model in the world of data and it mostly means for retrieving and changing the data. This is mostly used and has clauses, predicates, expressions, and queries in an SQL data management system for making it famous and user-friendly. This transactional data provides tough limitations like:

When Big Amount of Data is Used

  • For multi-table data graph, mostly incorrect SQLs are developed

  • Lots of your storage is occupied and therefore data repetition happens.

  • There is no possibility to use DML operations.

  • The view seems to be inactive because of the lack of a table.

  • There is no feature of elasticity present over here.

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