fog computing

Until now cryptocurrencies have been a serious topic as their adoption has been under a problem to switch their financial industry on its head. The true power of cryptocurrencies is via blockchain technology and finance with the tip of the iceberg when it arrives for its implementation. Blockchain offers the level of decentralization that has promised for disrupting a number of other organizations outside the finance as well as cybersecurity, voting and currently cloud computing.

Great scholars say that we are marching towards the end of the cloud. Cryptocurrency that is digital gold can be chased and the surrounding people have got the strong computing resources for mining purposes.

The GPUs are sold via the only answer for these individuals to get a healthy return on their investments.

  • Fog Computing Will Cost You Less

Most of the organizations that are newly started have a controlling cost as its utmost priority. It will be quite tough for the AI startups with respect to the high level of computing resources needed to run deep-learning computer algorithms. In most of the cases, in an AI startup’s budget, computing resources are quite costly.

These startups are provided with other cheaper options by fog computing for paying extra resources from the cloud provider giants similar to Microsoft and Amazon. The fog computing infrastructure expresses the rough approximation for various times less cost when compared to cloud-based solutions even if the networks are decentralized that were paid twice by mining Ethereum.

Fog computing has full of elasticity and scalability and it will be reliable too

In moments AI startups, scalability, flexibility are important when the demand for a SaaS solution enhances all of a sudden. With the organization’s facial recognition software this leads to the client’s marketing campaign that comes out with lots of customers to their restaurant or shop.

At concerts, parties and sporting events all these things take place where there are lots of faces to be recognized lots of times by one, one hundred, or even one thousand times. This inflated use drives away the technological infrastructures to their limits.

Fog computing, similar to cloud computing provides a good amount of scalability for an AI startup’s operations. Moreover, to make things sure, there must be a software installed on the decentralized network that permits each network participant to give and take tasks and results back.

The hardware and performance level installed at every node is detected by the software. This has been done because of the startup to appropriately construct its IT infrastructure to fulfill its requirements similar to old cloud computing model.

There are lots of steps to be considered while doing so. From anywhere in the world, the nodes can be used and this is the beauty of fog computing but the challenge next to it is making sure of the high-quality broadband channel and connection speed.

  • Fog Computing Provides A Needed Level Of Data And Fraud Protection

Apart from the centralized portion of the infrastructure, IT could not be utilized by handling sensitive data. Th user data is given away to a third party at common concern for using the cloud computing. With respect to fog computing like cloud computing and customer data can be at first trusted, protected and centralized and then fully bypass the third party by depending on the decentralized network.

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