A portion of Amazon.com was at the least known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). In the nine-year history of Amazon, this year was the first time which unveiled its revenue figures and the numbers were quite shocking. 1.5 billion dollars were bought by AWS which grew up to 1.8 billion and 2 billion dollars in the third quarter. Explain AWS and its profit and success for Amazon

  • Explain AWS?

There are different cloud computing products and services made in AWS. Storage, servers, remote computing, networking, mobile development, email, and security are the divisions of highly profitable Amazon division. There are two main products of AWS: EC2, and S3, Amazon’s storage system. In the computing world, AWS is very big and present and is now 10 times the size of the competitor.

There are 12 global regions of AWS which has lots of available zones which are located in servers. Here are few serviced regions which are divided for allowing the users to get geographical limits on the services and they also offer the diversifying locations in data that is held.

  • Cost Savings

Earlier there were self-made power plants built for factory requiring the electricity after the factories received the electricity from a public utility there is a requirement for buying the electricity the costlier electric plants which are private has been subsided. The companies are moved away by AWS from physical computing technology on the cloud.

Mostly the companies seeking big amounts of storage must need the physical build for storage space and handle it. It is quite costly for storing on a cloud for a big amount of storage space that is possible for the company to grow into. Too less storage that is constructed or bought would be dangerous if a business is taken off and is costly if it didn’t work.

This is the same thing which implies for the computing power. Surge traffic experiences from the companies would lead to buying loads of power for sustaining the business during high times.

What is actually in use is what the company actually wants. For building a storage system there was no requirement of upfront and they need to estimate the usage. Their requirement is used by the AWS customers and their costs are scaled on an automatic basis.

  • Scalable and Adaptable

As the cost of AWS is modified it depends on the customer’s usage, small businesses and start-ups for seeing the obvious benefits with the help of Amazon for their computing needs. For building a business, AWS is awesome from the bottom as it offers the tools required for companies to start up with the cloud. From the companies that are existing are offered by Amazon for low-cost migration services that your existing infrastructure can be moved seamlessly to AWS.

As there is a growth in the company, the AWS offers resources for help in expansion and the business model permits for flexible usage and the customers will never require the speed time thinking about whether or not they require to reexamine the computing usage. Apart from budgetary reasons the companies could actually set and forget all the computing needs.

  • Security and Reliability

When compared to a company hosting, AWS is quite secure. AWS has lots of data centers in the world and continuously checked and strictly maintained. A disaster striking is ensured because of the diversification of one region does not lead to the loss of data in the long run globally. Just consider if Netflix has all the personnel files their content and data that is saved on the site during a disaster. It would be silly.

Moreover, if the natural disaster occurs and destroys everything then it is better to localize the data in an easy location where lots of people can realistically obtain access. The data centers are hidden from locating them and following the access only on the essential basis. The data centers and the data present are safe from intrusions and the Amazon’s experience in cloud services, potential attacks and outages can be quickly identified and easily rectified throughout the day. For a small company, the same cannot be said and is handled by a single IT guy working out of a large office.

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