list of M.Sc. Clinical Research Colleges in Pune and India

Clinical Research is a vast subject which covers a wide variety of processes that deal with a drug, medication or a device. This starts from the time the product was introduced till it got introduced into the consumer market.

M.Sc. Clinical Research or Master of Science in Clinical Research is a PG medical course which deals with in depth about the safety and effectiveness of medications which are meant for a human purpose.

Regarding, scope of being MSc in Clinical Research, you would as a clinical research professional take part in the entire phases of the clinical trials. Clinical research is a very responsible job which requires detailing, integrity, innovation, determination and analytical thinking. You must also be knowledgeable about the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities.

What are the requirements?

In order to do the course, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare profession or any related field.

Program Length: 2 years

Other Requirements: As a student, you must have completed a capstone project and also a final portfolio.

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In the scope of M.Sc. clinical research, you will be offered salary which is quite high.

After completion of your course, you can expect an MSc clinical research initial salary of close to 5 lakh yearly. Based on your years of experience, the salary can go much higher.

M.Sc. Clinical Research Job Types:

Programmer – Clinical Research

Clinical Research Associate

Project Manager – Clinical Research

Clinical Research Physician

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Research Analyst


Project Manager for clinical trials

For students who have finished with the master’s degree in clinical research administration and are pursuing careers in clinical research as a Ph.D. in Clinical Research is also available. You can also bolster your training in the corporate and business sector of clinical research administration through Ph.D. programs in related areas like health administration. Last but not the least, you can avail the MSc clinical research starting salary completed from ICRI which is much higher in comparison to any other institute.

If you are interested to pursue your career in the field of clinical research, and you belong to Pune, then you need to register for the clinical research colleges in Pune. Or else if you are currently doing a job in life science or pharma field, or have done with your graduation and don’t wish to go for long duration courses, but you wish to pursue your career in clinical sector, you have a choice to join the clinical research training institutes in Pune.

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