Clinical Research Jobs And Its Opportunities In Healthcare Sector

CR – Clinical Research Jobs in Healthcare Sector :

If you are interested to pursue medical jobs, then there is enough of scope for a career in clinical research sector as well. Clinical research jobs are in increasing demand nowadays. With the right training, you can enjoy a successful career in this industry. To find out more on the same, keep reading this blog.

What does Clinical Research involve?

Clinical Research Associates test medical drugs to make sure that they are safe to use. They work with both novel and existing drugs. They conduct clinical trials on the drugs to analyze its risks and benefits. They also validate the effectiveness of drugs.

The CRAs typically play a role in each step of the trial, making it an important aspect of healthcare jobs. Their duties include preparing set up and start the trial. As the trial occurs they monitor it and once it is over, they shut it down.

Clinical trials are carried out at various phases which includes development phase or after its launch. Subjects in the trial might include healthy people or patients. Trials are also to determine the side effects of the drug.

What Clinical Research Jobs includes

The duties of a CRA includes writing trial methodologies and presenting them to a committee. They have to develop a data collection documents.

Jobs within the field include, finding a suitable venue where the trial has to be done. Employees in this position have to hire a principal investigator to look after the trial.

The CRA is responsible to prepare the trial site, initiate the trial and monitored its progress. They are needed to train the staff and visit the site regularly. Other duties include verification of data, writing reports, and analysis of results.

Work environment and income

Clinical research jobs are found at pharma companies. The CROs also offer these positions. Working conditions are variable based on the company, however, CRA usually works Monday to Friday. They might put in extra hours in the evening. Working weekends is not required for employees in this position.

Even shift work is uncommon in these types of healthcare jobs, CRAs might find contract work for a 6 to 12 month period. Field-based employees have to spend many hours out of the office visiting the doctors and nurses. They must be needed to visit hospitals and trial sites.

They can also find freelance work or join institutes which have a vacancy for clinical training jobs.

Clinical research gives a good salary. There is enough scope for progress in the career and senior positions offer good salary increase.

The downside to clinical research jobs is that they are at times very stressful and demanding. Employees in fieldwork positions are needed to spend a lot of time in traveling and possibly stay away overnight.

Skills and Education

Communication and interpersonal skills are valuable. Leadership qualities are of advantage.

You will also be excellent at numbers, analytical and have administrative skills. The ability to multi-task is crucial for success.

To be eligible for medical jobs in this field of study you must have a tertiary education. A relevant degree in medical sciences or nursing, is a suitable qualification for this work field.

If you wish to work towards a career in clinical research you can expect to study subjects like anatomy, biology, and chemistry. Completion with relevant PG qualification will enhance your chances of being hired.

If you have only graduation degree, you can start yours by applying for clinical data coordinator positions. You can also look for vacancies for clinical trials administrator. These positions offer a good start and also help you gain expertise.

Other jobs in healthcare, which can help in your career success, includes nursing, pharma research, and medical sales. CRAs typically receive in-house training. External training courses can help to advance your career. Training, skills, and experience are some factors that influence your chances of promotion.

Once you take your decision, whether or not you are interested in clinical research, you develop your skills and experience.

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