Clinical Research Career

Clinical research is an exciting branch of medicine that determines the efficacy and safety of novel drugs. As a CRA one has a responsibility to make sure that data is gathered and handled according to strict guidelines. A CRA is a link between medical doctors, trial patients and pharma companies or their representatives. There’s a great need for talented and skilled people in the business.

The biotechnology boom is creating more opportunities for clinical research professionals trained to aide bring the latest drug therapies from the laboratory to market. 

With plenty of job opportunities in the clinical research field today and for the coming future there is a huge demand to grow the drug pipelines swell.

Aside from the doctors, who investigate the effects of drug therapies on patiens, trials need clinical research coordinators (CRCs) and clinical research associates (CRAs) to make sure that testing is conducted according to strict FDA guidelines.

To make an entry into this field, a person must hold a degree of B.Sc. The clinical research sector could be joined after graduation in pharmacy, life science and medicine. Bioscience further includes sub-disciplines like genetics, botany, biochemistry and zoology. People with educational qualifications from these fields can try into this industry. Those aspirants who have a work experience of two or three years are given more preference.

The field has several branches. The common entry-level roles include the position of a
Clinical Research Associate (CRA). A CRA is a key person in the planning, execution and supervision of the trials. They also assist in the making of manuscripts and presentations from scientific meetings and technical journals and visit meetings and training programs. Hence there is a high demand for clinical research associate jobs for freshers. Clinical research also includes biostatistics. Biostatisticians do statistical works, programming, evaluation and summary-writing for clinical trial projects.

Another good post in this industry is of Clinical Research Managers (CRM). They manage the planning and writing of protocols, informed consent forms and case report forms for trials. They make sure the case report forms are regularly reviewed and handed over to the data management group. Similar positions are Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Investigator, Business Development Manager and Clinical Data Manager.

With the presence of multi-national companies who establish their research facilities in India and with upcoming clinical research organisations, clinical sector is likely to develop exponentially.

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The Clinical Research review by CRB Tech Solutions will guide you in considering a clinical research career in this field