Biomedical Engineering Career Options in India

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering career is gaining grounds as a career choice. There is a big confusion between Biomedical Science and Biomedical Engineering. This blog would help you get an insight into careers in Biomedical Engineering and its scope.

Biomedical Engineering is also called as Bioengineering. This is an applied and an interdisciplinary science which includes concept from engineering, biology, healthcare, and medicine. The purpose of this science is to develop systems and devices to find clinical solutions.

What do they do?

Some examples are mentioned here:

Making prosthetics

Designing surgical devices and systems

Monitor systems

Therapeutic devices

Artificial organs

Imaging methods

Diagnostic systems

Devices for physical therapy

Healthcare apps for customized medicines

What types of biomedical engineering jobs are available in this sector?

Biomedical engineers find employment in sectors like healthcare, hospitals, research labs, academic, and government sector. They can use their knowledge in engineering and life science fields.

Biomedical engineering career scope for graduates

Besides job profiles (like in R&D, QC/QA), the graduates in this field also work as marketing consultants and management advisors in the sector. It is suggested for the graduates to do higher training and qualifications in some other fields based on skill-set and career prospects. Sometimes, UG students in the medical field also get professionally inclined towards biomedical engineering.

Comparison between Biomedical Engineering & Biomedical Science

Both the fields appear somewhat same, but, with a difference. As the biomedical engineers do their work around making of instruments and engineering; the biomedical scientist concentrates on chemistry, biological and life sciences and medicine.

Biomedical scientists mostly work in the laboratories. They work with biological samples like blood, urine, cells, and tissues and apply several laboratory devices that range from test tubes, up to pipettes to computers and hi-tech equipment.

Some job roles and profiles of a biomedical scientist are:

– To test and screen for lifestyle-related and infectious diseases

– Investigate and understand the mechanism for disease, and how it spreads

– To carry out research on finding novel, efficient and innovative ways to find out diseases at the earliest

– Work towards finding and development of new methods of treatments, either prevention oriented or as a therapy.

Job Prospects

A few years back, (say 2011), Biomedical Engineering topped career lists with growing jobs. In 2015, this biomedical engineering was among the best eleven college majors from the point of view of jobs. The demand is rising. In the US, as a fresher graduate can expect about USD $60, 000 annually. With some years of experience, one can expect an annual salary of USD $96, 000.

With this, we conclude. The biomedical engineering future in India is quite bright and you must think as this as one of your career options.

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