An Overview Of Computer-Aided Industrial Design

Computer-aided industrial design or the acronym CAID is technically the application of software in designing industrial processes. Contradictory to the conventional manual drafting, CAID is an automatic method that enhances the efficiency of design changes, testing of concept and regular optimizations. CAID offers freedom for creativity; however, it is also common to follow a simple method as well.

Why is computer-aided industrial design important?

CAID software helps a designer to make a 3D model before the making of the product. Next, this can be saved in a format for making a fast prototype which can then be used to create a real product. The computer-based steps speed up creation process, as a designer has can look after the technical aspects instead of making the drawing and making the models, manually.


Although CAD and CAID might appear alike, with many differences. CAID is all about concepts and artistic flavour, and CAD is mostly technical. CAD the midpoint between artistic CAID designs and the final product outcome.

While talking about both, both are essential and have their own roles. The CAID specialist has to make design files that will be worked with the CAD system, and the engineer must know what they are working on and what they must be doing.

Al Lopez explains CAID as an offering “freedom to experiment with shape and form.” Software for creativity. The software gives exclusive visualization tools like the photorealistic rendering, texture mapping, showcasing the surface, and much more. Users can visualize all shapes and sizes and also the effects ahead. But the process is lesser specific like the CAD

CAID in practice

This is one of the best and most practiced in some organizations. And people are accepting this as many endeavours. This starts with a thorough market study, knowing the advantages and limitation of the products in the market and then makes a good design sketch. Then a detailed sketch is made of the concept and the final product. The software can be used to make a 3D model which can be adjusted and seen both inside and out.

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information is helpful to you.

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