An Overview Of CAD PLM Integration

PLM software is an important part of manufacturing like CAD software. In fact, both go hand-in-hand in some ways; PLM being the tool of design for data management and engineering. PLM helps to carry out product lifecycle in an organization. PLM systems help to plan and develop the products on an enterprise level, from conception via design, manufacture, and service. PLM is a major cornerstone for the manufacturing information technology structure of a corporation and is a logical extension of CAD which combines with the management of communications and information among suppliers, customers, and internal resources.

Implementation of a wide planned PLM system needs the integration of many types of corporate data, from structures to supply chain information. It is essential to maintain both the perfection and the accessibility of the CAD data in to minimize the chances of data corruption which could lead to delay in production and cost overruns.

6 Critical Steps

Experts identified 6 steps in a migration of CAD data to a PLM. They are detailed below:

Understand the need for the new PLM system

Any PLM system would like to “see” the data in a particular way. Not adhering to the structure might result in data that can’t be accessed by one or more of the PLM tools.

To reach out the value of the existing CAD data

GIGO (Garbage in = Garbage out) is quite applicable as it was when it was coined.

Always remember that migration is in terms of people, time and resources.

As this is about CAD data migration, it is essential to include a CAD manager or another CAD team member with in-depth knowledge of the existing CAD data in the process, quite early.

Know the complexity of migration of CAD data

After the establishment of your CAD migration team, make sure they realize the need to maintain the integrity of relationships between CAD files.

Identify and validate the risks

It is always good to take some prevention. In chances of potential risks and problems in the future and planning for unknown issues can save a lot of problems during the migration process.

Depend on experts for help and support

As a professional migration specialist can give you expert guidance for the entire PLM migration project, a CAD consultant can offer the expert guidance to organize your CAD files.

If you have to look after the CAD files that is quite different from managing other types of data for several reasons and one reason is that you need for both version and revision control. Rather an important reason that companies adopt a PDM/PLM system is to ensure that versions and revisions are properly done and managed. Managing the same well is most important when the drawing is sent to manufacturing, and as a revision change often indicates a necessary tooling change.

There are good advantages to be known when CAD and PLM systems are integrated tightly:

  • Lessening of errors

  • Better collaboration

  • Better estimates of cost

  • Product quality is consistent

With this, we conclude. To know more, keep visiting our space.

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