An Overview On The 3D Printer File Formats

You must have a query as what file formats to be used in 3D printing. Here we shall discuss the most common file formats in 3D printing.

During designing 3D models, you would come across a few various kinds of files. Some file types are owned by 3D printer manufacturers; some are related to design software, and some are produced by 3D scanners.

Below, is a list of file formats used in 3D printing:


.This happens to be the most common file format in 3D printing. STL is an acronym for STereoLithography and.STL files has a facet data. This is a basic file format which can interface between most CAD software and 3D printers. .STL files have only a single and they come with a triangular representation of a 3D object.


.Also known as .g or .gco, is a kind of file extension for files that have G-code data. A .gcode file is developed by a slicing program, which transforms a CAD drawing into a string of code understandable by a 3D printer


This is another 3D Printer File Format and greatly supported by 3D printers and most software would export.OBJ. This is like too.STL as it contains 3D geometry information alone, like vertex normal, polygonal faces and texture coordinates.


.VRML or Virtual Reality Modelling Language is a new kind of file system. The files hold single UV color map so they are best for 3D printers and for models which has more than one color. This format is not in much use.


.This file format is made by Microsoft and is an XML-based data format. With this, all model information is kept in a single archive and can be extended.


This file format is made use of by MakerBot. A binary file which goes beyond an STL file, as it contains printer settings. The file has code which the MakerBot 3D printer can read and interpret.


This is an XML-based open basic file format that supports color. They can also be compressed to reduce its size by half of an STL file. This has object, material, texture, constellation, and metadata information.


This file format is owned by Autodesk. This offers inter-polarity between content creating programs like the Autodesk and Maya. This finds wide application in film production and game development, as it provides workflow betterment.


These files are generated by 3D scanners. They include a description of one object and a group of vertices, faces, and other elements. While 3D printing, you can convert a PLY file into a format that can be accepted by a 3D printer.

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