Metal 3D Printing: A Big Revolutionary Technology

It so easy to develop 3D metal parts from a digital file. With 3D CAD technology, metal 3D printing techniques take help of binders, lasers, and heated nozzles to develop things that are robust and with minute internal features.

The Metal 3D printing has brought a real sense revolution in the world of manufacturing and is rising with its significance. Several companies are in competition to establish their supremacy in the market.

Metal 3D printing is used in small series parts and a final making of parts as well. It could be about jewellery, functional parts, and kitchen accessories to name only a few.

Since the last years, metal 3D printing is gaining its significance. It can save both money and time and give a product much wanted. Metal 3D printing permits engineers to yield complicated parts without any hurdles.

Stratasys, which happened to be a leader, has announced its plans to enter the metal 3D printing market.

Common Types of 3D Metal Printing:

Selective Laser Melting

SLM takes help of laser to melt and add the powders. It’s a good way to arrange alloys.

Selective Laser Sintering

SLS, mainly used for plastics, can be used for some metal types.

SLS and SLM both help in metal 3D printing.


Robocasting makes ceramic models.

Cold-Spray Metal Printing

The rapid mode of 3D print metal, initially applied by NASA to create metal objects in space.

Binder Jetting and Inkjet 3D Printing

This printing method with the help of powders very much like SLS are used in amalgamating objects.

Magnetojet Printing

With the help of metallic ink spray, magnetism is created to yield rapid and illustrate various shapes.


A metal printing method which is laser-based and that binds powders to yield objects or parts under controlled conditions.

Directed Energy Deposition

DED uses laser influenced metal 3D printing. It mainly adds parts to objects instead of making everything from the start.

Ultrasonic Particle Manipulation

It is a unique technique that will help to amalgamate various materials into one whole thing.

Laser Metal Deposition

A melting technique, which allows powders to settle and with the help of lasers apply heat to create shapes. Currently, it works on iron, nickel-based, cobalt based alloys, tungsten and various metal powdered coated metals.


Yet, 3D metal printing at home is not practically possible. With time and technological growth, several things will become feasible and handy as well. The metal 3D printing is a big revolution in the designing and manufacturing industry.

With this, we conclude. Hope this piece of information helps.

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