The Mechanical Engineering Errors To Avoid During Designing

Key Points:

  • Several mechanical design errors can be avoided.

  • Follow the DFA guidelines to ensure that parts designed can’t be put together wrongly at time of production.

  • Confirm that you have correctly specified the materials for an environment where they must function.

Here we listed 3 mechanical engineering errors that can be avoided.

Design for mis-assembly

It is wise to create parts that can’t be assembled wrongly. DFA tells it formally, and fool-proofing a creation is quite simple; you must be analytical and reasonable in your approach and take some extra care to confirm that the design cannot be wrongly assembled.

You have to design keeping in mind that there are people who might end up mistakenly screwing up the parts on an assembly line. In case the person is inexperienced or ignorant, didn’t see your assembly drawing, is working over the time, and possibly doesn’t care if things go wrong.

Make your prototype after you’ve improved the designs. You need to prints the parts in 3D format, machined and show them to your colleagues and people on the production line. The best thing you can do is, improve your design as much as possible.

Wrong material specifications

There are several materials to choose, but remember that not all are required for your design.

Materials must have a flame retardancy rating (e.g. UL94-V0 or UL94-HB). If there is an approval department in your company you must discuss the same and seek their approval.

Points to remember:

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Operational range of temperature

  • Stability in UV

  • Rating of flame retardancy

A well-detailed end design that fails to work

Never forget to make a Proof of Concept (PoC) model and guarantee your effort that it is definitely fine. A design could be divided into functional elements and it’s easy to test them if they are reliable by designing simple test rigs.

Hence, next time you design or create something, just take time to look into the above points and avoid future problems.

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