A look At Creo Parametric, PTC’s CAD/CAE Software

PTC is proud for its product catalogue of tremendous range with Engineering Maths, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), IoT, and also Augmented Reality (AR) solutions. PTC finds its existence in several innovative fields of technology and research, as mentioned below:

Digital development of a product with AR, PLM, IoT

PTC’s main AR program, ThingWorx Studio, needs rapid, perfect 3D representations of the surrounding to accurately elevate it. Windchill, a web-based PLM solution, depends on a 3D assembly to create and regulate product variations to meet the needs of customers. Both the technologies are brought together with an IoT-like form of the ThingWorx platform, which means that an interactive AR training program could use the information gathered from PLM system to take proper instruction.


PTC’s Creo range of software is yet the most appreciated product. This concentrates on connecting the functions of modeling and prototyping phases of developing a product. There are also tools for the concept and industrial designing, analysis, and making ready for general production.

The Creo has several unique tools; just knowing only a few could be an engineer’s best asset.

Creo Parametric

This is huge modeling tool that provides modularity and instant feedback for variations in designs. It transforms 2D sketches into complete 3D models. Creo Parametric’s even has attributes that support importing geometries among several applications.

Creo Parametric offers support to 2D drafting along with 3D modeling abilities, this says a designer can convert the 3D model into a 2D draft.

Creo Parametric’s abilities to surface are its essential features. With both parametric and freestyle surfacing, Creo Parametric allows designers to create geometry with the help of innovative methods.

Though the parametric model to a surface is Creo Parametric’s main feature, its newer support for freestyle surfacing offer users a better alternative. You can mould shapes as you do with clay. This feature can be used along with 2D concept sketch.

Creo’s production focus is exemplified with its sheet-metal designing features. The sheet-metal toolset allows users to shape the metal in ways needed in the industrial making.

Creo Parametric brings together Design, Manufacturing, and Analysis of Sheet-metal parts into a single environment.

Owing to its function in the product’s early phase of 3D life, you can integrate Creo Parametric with several other add-ons. Thus, Creo Parametric could be transformed from a modeling tool to a Swiss army knife of CAD & CAE applications.


After creation of Creo Parametric, Creo Simulate can test structural characteristics, which minimizes the necessity for prototypes. Creo Simulate is applied for any layer of Finite Element Analysis from a simple test of stress to computer-aided ultimate features.

If you need anything more, PTC provides add-ons to Creo Simulate like Creo Advanced Simulation Extension, which supports stresses that are not linear and changing thermal analysis.


The Creo Simulate models the structural integrity of a product under several conditions; Creo’s Mechanism capability is there to test actual product mechanics during any operation. This helps in testing movements of designs, adjust clearances, and fully visualize the results of huge design displacements.

Creo Simulate can create an object’s whole range of motion.

Irrespective of which Creo product you opt for, the essential thing that you need to do is to learn how to use it fluently while saving time, lowering the time spent in the learning stage and enhancing product designing.

If necessary you need to join classes that offer both Creo Simulate and Creo Mechanism, so that you can learn to create both structural stresses of any range and every mechanical movement before your product gets out of the computer.

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