A Guide To Become An Aeronautical Engineer

Are you willing to become an aeronautical engineer? Well, you must know about the academic eligibilities, job responsibilities, average payment and also the job prospect to find if you suit the position. You must also know about the institutes that offer course or program on the same. Keep reading to know everything you must before you start with a career in this field.

Job responsibilities

They make use of methods, technologies, and concepts of air travelling to design and make an aircraft and propulsion systems. They also have a thorough knowledge of the aerodynamic working of construction materials and aircraft. They also give proposals with an innovative mind for new products to find out if they are possible to attain.

Some key points:

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Skills needed: Analytical, critical thinking, math, and writing

Job prospect (2014-2024): -2% (for aerospace engineers)

Median Salary (2015): $107,830 (for aerospace engineers)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics

Aeronautical Engineer

They are aerospace engineers who can make designs, create and test aircraft for commercial purposes, defence and businesses. Engineers discuss with the client and know their needs and also discuss with the design team to get the concepts clear and get the initial sketches. After building of planes and they are ready for operation, aeronautical engineers script technical reports, manuals and bulletins, and also review the performance. They also get feedback from end users and also find out the loopholes and flaw in the product and try to fix them.

How to become an Aeronautical Engineer

High school requirements

As mentioned above, on must have earned the bachelor’s degree for an entry-level engineering job. A high school diploma or an equivalent degree will help you qualify for the degree program. A maths-based field, you have to take up algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus in your school. You must also have good knowledge of physics, chemistry, and computers. Moreover, English and social studies are much-needed subjects in your high school days.


You can opt for either aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering, as BLS states that engineers from one branch also works in related ones. The degree program in aerospace engineering offers education in sciences and engineering during first two years, and they give special importance to aerospace theory and designs during the last two years.

Internships matter

Doing internship is very essential or if possible any co-op program. They offer you ample opportunities to network with professionals and also observe aerospace engineering as practically applied in real world.

Find a job as an Aeronautical engineer

For this, you can find job opportunities in manufacturing companies, engineering firms, and federal agencies. There is a good demand for engineers design and technology yet the manufacturing industries are seeing a decline in the job opportunities.

Get a license

If you desire to provide your knowledge and service to the public, you must be a licensed engineer. Or you can apply for a Professional Engineer (PE) license. The requirements might vary, but follows the basic rules: A bachelor’s degree accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology, qualify the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, work experience of 4 years and qualifying PE exam.

Alternative Careers

One such career option is that of an aerospace engineer technician. This job profile might need lesser education and you can start working fast. Other job roles are architectural and engineering managers with similar job profile and educational requirements like the aeronautical engineers, but also they need to functional tasks related to administration, management and supervise large projects.

Hope this piece of information helps you in your career pursuit. With this, we conclude.

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