What Are The Future Trends in CAD CAE Training

The world is growing and with that is evolving the trends in the mechanical sector as well. The professional plays significant role in imparting key skills and proficiency needed to overcome the gap and make students job oriented.

Here we discuss some future trends in CAD CAE training:


If we talk about trends in India, online learning is relatively at its budding stage. Our students and professionals are not well prepared for entirely e-learning, not just CAD but any type of e-learning. New teaching models or combination of classroom training and e-learning facilities could work better. Self-taught CAD and CAE would be a reality in recent future.

Virtual Reality in Engineering Education

VR is not only limited to gaming now but is gaining in grounds in education field too. The benefit is that the students can interact with each other and also in a 3D environment. The upcoming engineers can experience spacecraft engine in 3D and can also understand the advance technologies easily without any guidance.

Sooner there would be an upcoming CAD, CAE tools with VR technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This has several things that are linked to the Internet. Technically, this integrates sensors into everyday objects which are connected to the Internet. IDC says there would be 30 billion connected “things” by 2020.

IoT has a variety of application, right in cars, tractors to medical equipment to ACs. Sooner there could be specialized courses on IoT, or some developed and integrated CAD + IoT courses in future.

Cloud-based CAD tools

Tools such as Onshape and Graebert ARES are found online. The online tools come with amazing online tutorials which help users to learn them without any formal training. Entire development would take some time.

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing

This is a process of creating 3D solid objects from a digital profile. An old technology that matured in recent times. There are more than 100 companies in India manufacturing 3D Printers. The scope is vast and not just making prototypes and companies like Renishaw and Stratasys are offering Precision 3D Production Systems which can do the metal printing.

There is also demand in defense, automotive, aerospace, sports, and medical devices that is increasing with time. In the coming years, there would be a great demand for the relevant online courses too.

Domain Specific Courses

Currently, several institutes are offering CAD CAE training. The courses offer the basic concept of CAD – either on CATIA, NX or Creo but the main challenge is to place the students in good companies at the entry level. Companies want more industry-specific knowledge hence domain specific courses created with the association of industry experts is lots in demand. Companies not just ask for CATIA fresher but wants CATIA Plastics, CATIA Sheet metal, Creo with Casting, SOLIDWORKS Seating systems concepts too. Also, professionals who work in CAD and looking for career growth are also interested in domain-specific simulation courses.

Companies presently want Design engineers to use some basic CAE tools right from the basic stage to optimize designs. It’s always great if the future generations have knowledge of both CAD and CAE to earn better opportunities.

AEC Industry

Besides the MCAD there is much requirement for trained candidates in AEC industry, after launching of the Smart City project in India, where is a huge gap of trained people needed to work on infrastructure projects. With demands of domain-specific resources in structures, transportation design,rain water design etc. There are many requirements for Bentley system, Tekla, Intergraph, Revit and BIM courses.

Future engineers must know the usage of every tool to be more productive. Tools like 3D Mouse can help students to enhance productivity and precision and get prepared for industry related job. It is suggested to the institutes to have a 3D Mouse while offering training in CAD or CAE software.

Global Engineers

The record number of students passing out is about 4 L Mechanical engineers every year. And finding employment is really difficult. But the fact is that there is a huge requirement of Indian professionals, abroad. Besides the Gulf countries, US, Canada there is a huge demand for engineers in Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australia. So it would be an advantage if an engineering student also learns some foreign language like, say Japnese, German, Spanish etc.

It is recommended for the CAD institutes to suggest the students to opt for a language course along with CAD CAE training.

The MNCs in India also prefers people with knowledge in foreign languages which can help them deal with global clients and teams.

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