The Facts That You Need To Know About 3D Printing

As per market predictions, the 3D printing market is to rise in the world between 2016 and 2022. The prediction includes all types of 3D printing, from desk-top hobby printing to industrial printing, industrial 3D printers are expected to own the largest share of the printing market during the expected period owing to the following reasons:

  • Rise in accuracy every part of dimension

  • Rapid speed of printing

  • Introduction of new materials

The rapid development in 3D print technology enabled companies to yield complex components, prototypes, and small-series components. What was once a multi-step process is now a focused production workflow.

Speed, specification, and variety of materials enable the usage of industrial 3D printing in a wide variety of industries, like the following:

  • Defence and aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Engineering

  • Healthcare

3D Printing and 3D Technologies :

You should know that certain CAD trends which are more important in one sector, might be less significant in another. Knowing that there are various sectors, a report list by Business Advantage points at key areas of importance to the market sector:

2D Drafting, Virtual Reality is more important in AEC, along with BIM

CAM, PDM and 3D printing in production, along with PLM and 3D Scanning

Simulation or CAE are reserved for large companies

Concurrent engineering used in medium level and big companies

3D CAD Outsources and 3D Printing :

While some service bureaus have a 3D print technology and can print in various materials, most of the outsourced printing is lowered to the AEC market. Rather, printing construction models are better over previous methods of hand-building display models, which provide stakeholders with a scale model of a final project.

But, many users of industrial printers, like automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and defense have their respective in-house printers. Even then there are pieces of the 3D process which they might lack, and that certain companies regularly provide:

  • 3D scanning of an existing but undocumented part, production of a 3D CAD file, and transformation to an STL file for printing on a customer-owned printer

  • Transformation of a 3D CAD model to an STL file to print

Most CAD users know what they can achieve with 3D models. But, with the growth of the linked technology between 3D scanning and 3D printing, they know that though there are specific tools in many CAD programs to help conversion of a 3D scan into a printable model, it is rarely a straightforward process.

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