Different Parts Of A Lathe Machine And Their Functions

You can never think about manufacturing metals and other materials without a lathe machine. Since this is an important tool used in the machining process, this has become an integral part of a manufacturing technology.

In this blog, we shall discuss in simple ways about all the functions of the parts.

Functions of Machine Parts

Head Stock Assembly : This is mainly installed on the left of the machine. It is a house for drive pulleys and gears. The chuck is linked here, with the help of which a rotary motion is sent to the work piece .

Clutch: This controls the speed of drive motor and gives a smooth motion without any vibration.

Cross Slide : Cross Slide gives the cutting motion of the tool. This can be operated by hand or by a cross feed device. The cross slide is aligned perpendicular to the center of the lathe.

Chip Pan: Located at the lower part of the machine and functions to collect the chips while the work goes on, making an easy collection of chips for fast removal.

Feed Rod : This is a mechanism for power transmission which offers precise longitudinal movement of the carriage. For turning operation movement of the feed rod is a must.

Lead Screw : This is found only below the feed rod. It also offers precise longitudinal movement to the carriage . It helps in thread cutting.

Bed: This happens to be the base where all the lathe parts are placed. A single piece part made of cast iron. Now lathe machines differ in ther bed sizes.

Ways : They are the guide rails through which different parts of the machine moves. It is used for a precise movement of the carriage and other mounted parts.

Carriage: This holds the tools and gives movement of the tool in both cross and longitudinal directions. Carriage has some other parts as well and it works through the outer ways.

Tailstock : This is used to center the job when a long job is tied to the chuck. It gives a good support to lower vibration.

Cross Slide : This is placed on the carriage. Its function is to offer cross feed of the tool and it moves perpendicular to the center of the machine.

Compound Rest: A set up to move in a circular way.

Tool Post: Present at the top of the carriage. It functions is to hold either the tool or tool holder.

Spindle Speed Selector: It allows the operator to keep in control over the spindle speed.

Emergency Stop Button: This button turns off the machine if there is any risk while the machine works.

The above mentioned parts are the most common ones of a lathe machine which are basically needed to operate the machine. To mention, CNC lathe parts are totally different from these parts. We shall discuss that in our upcoming blogs.

With this, we conclude. To know more, keep visiting our space.

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