Why Design Intent Is Essential In 3D CAD Design For Manufacturing

The products that we see, starting from airplanes and automobiles to kitchen appliances and equipment used in sports are quite complex. New strategies in designing and manufacture are necessary in order to home this complexity, while at the same time, enable companies to lower the price while increasing the quality.

For most design and manufacturing units, this needs a collaborative design environment, where with every design change the information is updated across the entire product model. 3D CAD modeling enables this, which includes Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) like tolerances, dimensions, and special annotations directly within the model.

This truth keeps every stakeholder well informed. 3D models are the master data, which depict designs intent better than a 2D CAD drawing. As 2D drawings are outdated and 3D models are taking their place, all of the product definitions, dimensions, features etc. are visually shown on a 3D model.

Benefits of 3D modeling:

1) An accurate design interpretation for fewer errors during the making

2) Removes the time needed to manually update the entire series of drawings for a change in design

3) Enhances product quality via “virtual” survey process before manufacturing

4) Enhance manufacturing time because fewer

The added PMI information is just an aspect of 3D modeling which contributes to the potentialities of 3D modeling. For example:

  • Better and detailed upfront analysis could be done

  • Checking of dimensions and tolerances

  • Suitability of manufacturing methods is confirmed

  • Costs are better and easily calculated before the start of manufacturing

Design to Cost (DTC)

The advantage of being able to calculate the cost accurately, before manufacturing has made some firms to welcome a DTC (Design-To-Cost) approach for manufacturing. DTC is a way to control the costs of product making. The simple idea is that costs are created “into the product”, from the initial stages of conception and design.

3D CAD modeling brings unparalleled advancements to basic design functionalities, empower design engineers to pay added attention to the details. With a virtual model, engineers are free to allow their imaginations raise high, giving them chance to come up with unique ideas that might have been unexplored since a few years ago.

As 3D CAD techniques for modeling is gaining popularity and becoming more advanced, manufacturing industry is at the edge of changes that need design intent to be a part of the creation of concept in every product manufacturing.

Design intent gives a perfect representation of the component which enables future changes of one section within the model to be interpreted in the design such that the engineer can visualize the results of a change in the entire design, rather than only a basic, sectional shape change.

Designers are needed to consider the consequences of the changes which are intended, it can be ascertained that design and manufacturing will be better and less expensive in future.

With this, we conclude. To know more, keep visiting our space.

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