Career Guidance For Industrial And Production Engineers

Production Engineering is an area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering. The purpose of the discipline is to allow engineers to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of yield and service sector Industries.

The curriculum of this field includes basic mechanical engineering subjects. The syllabus includes engineering mechanics, strength of materials, machine design, thermodynamics, heat transfer etc. The course makes graduates equipped with both existing and emerging needs of the sector. Engineering is a four-year programme. Those who completed B.E or B.Tech in Industrial and Production Engineering would understand the existing technological trends and help to make an addition of new technology to the existing system. Most leading manufacturing units look out for engineers who specialization in Industrial Production to lower cost, enhance efficiency and make their products marketable in a competitive era. One can also do M.Tech in Industrial and Production Engineering after completion of the BE/B.Tech.

Eligibility Criteria

For UG: Candidates must have completed 10+2 with minimum qualifying marks as an aggregate in Physics, Maths, Chemistry as core subjects. Next is an entrance test for this programme which is held by various states, central, and private universities and most of them need 50% as the prerequisite to appear for the test.

For PG: Candidates must have a degree in Bachelor of Engineering/B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with a good score in entrance tests held for PG programme held by several states, central, and private universities.

Scope of Industrial And Production Engineering

  • Industrial and production engineers make use of principles of engineering, mass production, and technologies to help companies figure out ways to provide services or develop a product efficiently.

  • Industrial engineers work to improve product via better management and quality control.

Job Profiles For Industrial And Production Engineers:

  • Plant Engineers

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Quality Engineers

  • Process Engineers and Industrial Managers

  • Project Management

  • Manufacturing, Production and Distribution Ergonomics and Human Factors

  • Root cause analysis and process improvement

  • Make/Buy Analysis and Cost Estimation

What Does A Manufacturing / Production Engineer do?

Production Engineers works to choosing machinery and equipment for a particular manufacturing process

Production Engineers need to plan and schedule the time of production in any manufacturing industry.

Production Engineers programs CNC machines to produce engineering components like gears, screws, bolts, etc

They also need to do quality control, distribution and inventory control.

Top Sectors for Production Engineers to work

1. Research Labs

2. Manufacturing sector

3. Transportation

4. Pharmaceuticals

5. Travel

6. Semiconductor

7. e-business

8. Health

9. Information Technology

So if you are interested in this field and wants to pursue a career in this engineering sector, hope this piece of information is helpful for you.

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