CAD Jobs: What Are the Different Options?

A variety of CAD jobs has led to the rising demand for CAD professionals. But then, the question arises; what are the different types of CAD based jobs out there in the market? Are you aware?

It is better to know if you wish to establish a career in this domain.

  • Different types of CAD-based jobs:

– CAD Technician:

CAD technician roles are a part of different disciplines comprising of Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautics etc. An Aeronautical technician is responsible to come up with plans that can be utilized in products such as aircrafts. On the other hand, an Electrical technician would design layout diagrams to be utilized for communication centers and power plants while an Architectural technician would come up with plans for structures. Civil CAD technicians would come up with maps that would be implemented to assist in a wide range of construction projects and utility placement, e.g. water lines and electrical. Process or Pipeline technicians concentrate around the layouts of refineries, gas fields and chemical specific undertakings.

– CAD Drafter:

A CAD drafter is a person who specializes in preparing technical plans and drawings. These plans are normally put to use as a part of Engineering projects to create and develop a finished design. The plans created by a drafter can be utilized to construct anything from the tiniest microchip to something as extensive as a building! Drafters hold great importance in light of the fact that they come up with the visual guidelines that will be utilized by a wide cluster of experts comprising of surveyors, scientists and architects.

Apart from these two, there are other broader categories as well, such as Design Engineer jobs, CAD Designer jobs etc. You can explore them as well. The above described however are the prominent ones.

  • Working in the CAD domain:

CAD technicians and drafters of different types have fundamentally similar working environments. Majority will be functional out of their own office spaces and have the vast majority of their work hours spent before a PC. Generally, CAD jobs happen to be full time or 40+ hours each week as CAD jobs are very rarely part time.

  • Salary prospects:

Contingent upon an assortment of variables including location and the living cost, an individual working in the CAD field can earn as high as 31,96000 on an early basis. A few of the specialties could earn even more relying upon the existence of professionals with the expected aptitudes to carry out the jobs.

One thing is for sure that the need for CAD professionals is rising with each passing day and it is expected to rise in the near future.

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