What Are The Best Ways To Improve Your CAD Housekeeping

CAD housekeeping is one of the trickiest concepts in mechanical design and that requirements could change throughout the project. If you can get your CAD data into a coherent state that can enhance your efficiency.

Here we share some tips on how to improve your CAD tree housekeeping that will help with your modifications, mainly in a workgroup:

1) Explain the primary shape

The primary shape means the basic structure which happens to be the base model on which the parts to be formed. You can either remove the extra 2D sketch or you can try a better basic form that you can elaborate later.

2) Different construction parts from the model

The planes, lines, curves, and also 3D shapes are often used to create final 3D model. Such elements must be kept in a different geometric sets and disposable body parts within the stricture. The designer can well differentiate between constructional geometry and the model.

3) Take consideration of automated options whenever possible

CAD software is so advanced that every feature is not necessary. With sketches you will find it hard to manipulate the model. Many of the CAD packages are now semi-automate the creation of holes, parametric ribs, fillets etc. With very little 2D data input.

4) Give special surfaces different shades

With specific requirements for a surface, or design for the area that is not complete, you can give a different colour. You need to determine the colour based on the roughness level as well.

5) Name the essential parts of your design

You need to recognise the features in the model tree and give them some specific names. This might take some time but quite necessary for the proper planning of the model.

6) See yourself in other’s shoes

After finishing your part, take a look from another’s prospect. Would others make sense of what you have done? Is your tree model logical? If someone else is about to work with your model, ensure that they can comprehend the same, in your absence.

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