Best Industrial Training Institute and Courses For Mechanical Engineering Students In Pune

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering which is about study and application of principles of physics. The field consists of designing, manufacturing, analysis, and operation of machinery and tools. If you are looking for Industrial Training courses for Mechanical Engineering students, keep reading this blog.

You need to have a proper understanding of the basic concepts of scientific fields like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, electricity and structural analysis and also materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. You also need to know knowledge about IT software to do your work.

Industrial Training courses for Mechanical Engineering students

This is a detailed on-job experience which makes mechanical engineers that give an actual idea of work needed to do later. Several institutes have educational tie-ups with various companies, both private and governmental to offer industrial training to mechanical engineers in the making.

Industrial Training programs for Mechanical engineers

Many organizations and institutes provide Industrial training for both short term and long term courses. This could last for duration of 6 weeks to 6 months.

These are job oriented programs and are mainly created while keeping in mind; student’s needs. After training is done, they can work as trained mechanical engineers.

There are several industrial training institutes for Mechanical Engineering students, but you need to make the right choice by going through their brochures and reviews available.

Courses available in Industrial Training Institute for Mechanical Engineering students

Various courses are available is an industrial training program for mechanical engineers and you can make a choice based on your interest and course. Some of the courses offered are:

1. AutoCAD


3. CNC Programming

4. Pro-E

5. Solid Works

The preferable industrial training courses for mechanical engineers:

1. AutoCAD

One of the most sought-after courses for mechanical engineers.

One of the most preferred basic designing software, used by engineers to create2D/3D designs or drawings on a computer. Common topics in a course included: sketches, 3D modeling, geometric shapes, polar arrays etc.

Which AutoCAD course to go for?

An AutoCAD course is available in four levels for mechanical engineers with increasing levels of difficulty:

Introduction to AutoCAD- Most basic course created to offer basic knowledge of the software and basic computer-based drawing skills.

Intermediate AutoCAD course- This allows increasing knowledge of the student by offering intermediate AutoCAD skills.

Advanced AutoCAD course- This introduces 3D drawings and concepts like to create maps and create models.

Creating Graphics – A detailed course that would teach skills from beginners to the advanced level.

2. Solid Works

Solid Works course is available in two different stages-

3D experience- A short course which teaches the basic concepts and industrial designs.

Solid Works 3D CAD- This offers various range of topics that include modeling, file management etc.


Another popular course done by mechanical engineers. This is done to teach students 3D designs by offering a large number of software and tools. CATIA v5 and CATIA v6 are the most preferred industrial training courses.

Future prospects for Industrial Training

The scope is limitless and in various sectors:

  • Energy & Power Sector

  • Oil and Gas Sector

  • Pharma Sector

  • Real Estate Sector

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Plant

  • Food and beverage

  • Consultancy in engineering

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Environmental waste disposal

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