AutoCAD’s New And Amazing Toolsets Would Help You in Productivity

Autodesk released a new update offering AutoCAD subscribers with 7 specialized toolsets. The updates give over 7.5L intelligent objects, styles, attributes, and symbols to select from where to make a sketch.

The new toolsets are present in AutoCAD. With amazing features, you can work faster and efficiently.

The 7 new allows AutoCAD users to perform fast and amazingly, providing 7.5L objects, styles, attributes, and symbols to select while drawing.

The new toolsets in AutoCAD 2019 are mentioned below:

  • Architecture Toolset: For building designing and 8K-plus amazing architectural objects and styles for rapid drawing and documentation

  • Mechanical Toolset: With design features in mechanical and over seven thousand excellent manufacturing parts, features, and symbols for speedy product designing.

  • MEP Toolset: With special MEP engineering features and many amazing mechanical and electrical objects to draft, design, and document about building systems.

  • Plant 3D Toolset: With special plant designing and engineering toolset to produce Pride and next integrate them with 3D plant design model

  • Map 3D Toolset: With specific mapping features to install GIS and CAD data to support planning, designing, and data management.

  • Raster Design Toolset: With vector tools to edit scanned drawings and transform raster images into DWG objects.

With the new and specialized toolsets, AutoCAD 2019 includes access to new AutoCAD web app and mobile app. The web app allows you to access AutoCAD in a web browser through With Autodesk account, you can access Trusted DWG files, 2D drafting, and editing tools, also Xref support and layer management.

The novel web and mobile app features from AutoCAD allow users to take the designs in move and offline.

The AutoCAD mobile app permits to edit, develop, and share CAD drawings across multiple devices. You can download DWGs on phone and can access them offline.

With them, you can see and make edits on your drawing on the AutoCAD web or mobile app and save on their local network drive and do the works in AutoCAD 2019 or AutoCAD LT 2019.

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