The Application Of Mechanical Engineering In Life Science and Medicine

Mechanical engineering has found its application in fields of both biology and medicines. There are many subjects in Mechanical engineering and its relation to medical technologies began when engineers started to apply principles of mechanical engineering to find solutions to many problems in medicine.

Medical areas like pharmaco-kinetics and pharmaco-dynamics would not have developed without the concept of mechanical engineering. Rather the principles are basic in understanding immunology, orthopedics, and cardiovascular studies.

Present Technologies

Biomechanics is the use of mechanical principles in the studying living organisms and their kinematics and kinetics. In sports and exercise, mechanical principles are involved to do an analysis of the performance of athletes depending on how they interact with equipment.

Nanotechnology is the knowledge of matters and their behavior at minutest dimensions viz. nanometers.

Smart Cancer Cell

Smart Cancer Cell Targeting Imaging and Drug Delivery System

Talking about the “longboat” anticancer system, carbon nanotubes find their use in cancer treatment based on a functioning single-walled nanotube connected to a mix of cisplatin and folic acid derivative through covalent or noncovalent bonding to constitute the “longboat”.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Another area of promise for mechanics in medicine is computational fluid dynamics. This is an engineering tool which integrates mechanics to mathematics and software programming to carry out simulation functioning, how a fluid flow is dependent on Navier-Stokes equations which happens to be a main mathematical formulation that models every phenomenon of fluid mechanics.

The software of CFD like Ansys, Solidworks, OpenFOAM, ADINA, etc. plays essential role in life science and medicines, where researchers develop virtual reconstructions of human organs, surgical solutions, and blood flow system.

Limitations and Insights

Nanotechnology has lots of advancement in both theory and practice in every field of biomedicine. Cancer treatment is doing better in treatments with the integration of nanotechnology and immunotherapy. Carbon nanotubes antibodies are found nowadays that can identify and kill tumor cells.

The current developments of information technology permit to increase the mesh resolution of numerical models used in CFD. To mention the blocking molecule that inhibits the growth of such promising technology is related to information technology. But as long Moor’s law holds true, there is an advancement in the future as well. And this is also true for the fate of mechanical engineering in biology and medicine.

With this, we conclude our discussion on the application of mechanical engineering in biology and medicines.

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