100% Job Guarantee at CRB Tech

A 100% Job Guarantee Courses is What CRBtech Promises!

If one takes into consideration the training and placement domain, there are a whole lot of players out there in the market, that just provide a job or placement assistance and not a guarantee. While a number of them claim to provide a 100% job guarantee courses, in actuality, its just assistance that is provided.

However, in this world of false promises, a career development company in CRBtech, assures a 100% job guarantee to its trainees! That makes it different from rest of the training and placement facilitators in the market.

But then, how to test the genuinity of this one?

Well, the thing that CRB provides a 100% job guarantee courses not verbally, but on a registered legal agreement in writing, makes it trustworthy and adds value to it. It happens to be the USP of CRBtech. A 100% job guarantee is provided for not one, not two, but for all the major domain specific training and placement programs that are offered by CRBtech.

A question could arise in the minds of those reading this.

How is CRBtech able to give a 100% job guarantee courses, and that too in writing?

An answer to this question lies in the fact that CRBtech has unique and result oriented offerings for all its trainees. Be it training and placement programs related, or in terms of other aspects. All of these summed together materialize into a one of its kind feature i.e. a 100% job guarantee to all the trainees.

The entire setup is designed in such a manner to groom the candidates that CRBtech has no hesitation in providing a 100% job guarantee courses. By the end of any of its training programs, a candidate becomes absolutely ready to serve the industry or go or self-employment. One of the main reasons why such a thing is offered by CRBtech to the candidates.

We will now take a glance at some of the unique offerings from CRBtech.

One of a kind training and placement offerings from CRBtech:

  • LOI (Letter of Intent) is provided to the candidates:

An LOI is provided by the recruiting company to the CRBtech trainees. It resembles having a job offer at hand. The reason behind stating this is that an LOI is a sort of commitment made by one party to the other. That says about its significance. Specially in case of fresher candidates.

  • Training – a complete package i.e. technical theory + practical sessions:

All domain specific training programs of CRBtech are structured so as to provide equal weightage to both the theory and practical aspects. Just like theory, even the practical knowledge is necessary for survival in the real-time industry. That’s the reason for equal focus on both the parts. Hands-on training is provided as a part of the practical sessions. It is in the form of real-time projects.

Domain industry expert and highly experienced trainers are there to train and guide you throughout the training program. They train you by conducting interactive sessions. On an average, 8 hours of training is held each day. Such is the depth and the intensity.

Candidates have the freedom to choose from three customized training modules in ‘TechZip’, ‘TechAlpha’ and ‘TechPrime’, in case of majority training programs offered by CRBtech. The choice would depend on what all things they want to learn.

This particular format and structure of the training programs equips CRBtech to provide an offering like a 100% job guarantee, to each of its candidates across domains.

Other highlights are as follows:

– Skill development and enhancement in the form of soft skill training.

– Learn a language like German and go for the abroad career opportunities

– Interview preparation is a combination of aspects like aptitude training, technical round preparation sessions, GD-PI sessions and mock interviews.

      These add-ons also come in handy and useful as CRBtech goes about providing a 100% job guarantee.

Placement corner at CRBtech:

– A history of 100% placement

– Unlimited interview calls until and unless you are placed

– Placement opportunities at your prefered location

– Recruiting company specific pre-prepartion sessions

– CRBtech has an association with 500+ MNC and MLC companies across various domains

– MLC and MNC dedicated placements to candidates

– Grooming sessions by HR and mick interview sessions etc…

All of the above placement specific offerings of CRBtech, play a very important role in making its 100% job guarantee feature a huge success!

By now, we are sure that most of you must be interested in joining CRBtech, and benefit from its 100% job guarantee policy, to give your career that perfect launch.

 For all such aspirants, here is the list of various domain specific training programs from CRBtech, that come with a 100% job guarantee. Syllabus details also included….

List of training programs & courses that come with a 100% job guarantee:

1.Java 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


  • Core Java
  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Springs
  • Android

Course duration: 4 months.

2.Software Testing 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


  • Software Engineering
  • Manual Testing
  • UNIX Basic
  • Automation Testing
  • QTP(Quick Test Professional)
  • Quality Center
  • Selenium/Bugzilla

Course duration: 4 months.

3.Dot Net 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


  • Framework(C#)
  • Windows
  • WPF
  • ASP.Net
  • WCF
  • MVC

Course duration: 4 months.

4.Clinical Research 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


  • Drug Discovery
  • Essential Documents
  • PV & ADR Reporting System
  • CDM
  • Intro to Oracle Clinical & Web Based Approach
  • Audits & Inspections
  • Schedule Y with upgrades & case studies
  • Pre-clinical research
  • coding systems
  • MedDRA
  • eCRF
  • ICD 9 & 10
  • D.D. S & Manuscript writing

Course duration: 4 months.

5.Mechanical Design or CAD CAM CAE 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-



  • Mechanical Engineering drawing GD & T
  • Surface finish/Tolerance/ Fits
  • Visualization practices/ Datum features
  • Introduction of Auto CAD Layers
  • Text & Multi ladder/ Dimension
  • Hatchin/Block & Attributes
  • Assembly Drawing

CATIA v5 & Creo 2.0:-

  • starting with Creo2.0
  • sketcher workbench
  • part modeling
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Wireframe & Surface Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Modeling
  • Drafting & Detailing Workbench


Sketches:-Creating/Editing/Constraints Datum ,CSYS and Datum Planes/ Changing units in NX


  • Extrude/Revolve/Primitives/Sweep/Blend,
  • Feature Operations and smart tools,
  • Assembly Constraints/ Creating component arrays,
  • Assembly Modeling,
  • Drawing/drafting views/Adding dimensions,
  • Surface Modelling commands


  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Hypermesh/Geometry Clean-up
  • Shell Meshing/ 3D Solid Meshing
  • 1D Meshing and Connectors
  • Morphing/Analysis Setup and Loading
  • Exporting and Solving.


  • sketcher
  • part modeling
  • assembly
  • surfaces
  • sheetmetal
  • drafting

Course duration: 4 months.

6.DBA 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


  • Oracle Architecture/ Installation of Oracle 11g on Linux
  • Managing an Oracle Database
  • Table spaces and Data files/User Management
  • Managing Exports and Imports/ Oracle Data pump
  • Managing UNDO segments
  • Control File, Redo Log File & Archive Log Files
  • Backup and Recovery/ Database Availability
  • Creating Cloning of Database/ Performance tuning

Course duration: 4 months.

7.Hardware & Networking Training & Placement Course:-


Introduction All internal devices:-

  • Mother Board, MB Types, Expansion Slots, Processor, Memory, Hard Disk, CD-R,RW, DVD-RW. SMPS.
  • Introduction of Expansion Card,Assembling of Personal Computer.
  • Installation of O/S and Application Software.
  • Complete introduction & Troubleshooting:-
  • Monitor, LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS.

Introduction to Networking Components:-

  • Network Components.
  • Types of Network,Troubleshooting of Network.
  • Diagnostic Tools of Internet & Networking.
  • Downloading the Drivers from Internet.
  • Installation Of Drivers.

 Course duration: 4 months.

8.Business Analyst Training & Placement Course:-


 Core Concepts.

 Advanced Concepts.

 Tools used in Business Analyst.

 Course duration: 4 months.

9.Android Development Training & Placement Course:-


  • Programming Fundamentals
  •  Java Programming
  •  UI for Mobile Application
  •  Mobile App Development
  •  Database
  •  Back-end Integration
  • Real time project development

 Course duration: 4 months.

10.Data Science, Big-Data & Hadoop Training & Placement Course:-


  • Data Science
  • Architecture & Storage
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Cluster Management
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Real time project devpt

 Course duration: 4 months.

11.Digital Marketing 100% Job Guarantee Training & Placement Course:-


SEO(Search Engine Optimization):-

  • What is Digital / Online /Internet Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Strategy- Guide, Tools and Plans
  • Introduction to WordPress.
  • Website Planning and Designing Essentials
  • Website Planning – Basics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Understanding Google Page Rank
  • Keywords Research
  • Planning : Creating a SEO Campaign
  • Search Engine Optimization tools: Google analytics tools
  • On Page search Engine Optimization : Meta keywords, Site navigation, XML & HTML sitemap
  • Off Page – site search Engine optimization : Getting listed , Google place , Social media site
  • International, local and mobile SEO

SMM(Social Media Marketing):-Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Role of Social Media in Business
  • The Basics of Social Media Marketing
  • Branding, Sales and Marketing on Social Media
  • How SMM influence SEO Performance?

Facebook Marketing :-

  • Facebook Ads – Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning.
  • Facebook Ads–Development& Management, and Budgeting
  • Facebook Ads – ROI, Monitoring and Performance, Facebook Analytics

Twitter/Micro Blogging Marketing:-

  • Tweet and Retweet Strategy
  • Twitter Tools
  • Twitter ROI, Monitoring and Performance
  • Twitter Analytics


  • LinkedIn Group Creation and Management
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy
  • Growing Networking on LinkedIn

Video Marketing:-

  • Introduction to YouTube and Video Marketing
  • YouTube Products and Solutions

SEM(Search Engine Marketing/PPC):-

  • Introduction to search Engine Marketing & Google Adwords/Ads
  • Account Setup – Google Adwords
  • Keyword Research and Targeting
  • Dealing with Click Fraud and Unethical PPC / SEM Practices
  • Creating and Campaign Planning
  • PPC and search Engine Campaign Road Map
  • Budgeting – Budget Strategy, Cost and ROI Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Writing Ad Copies with Potential of Higher Click Through Rates
  • Key Elements of Successful Campaign
  • Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Google Quality Score
  • Popular Tools and Techniques Monitoring, Analytics and Tweaking
  • Monitoring and Analytics Tools & Analyzing Data
  • Lead Generation ROI Measurement & Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Introduction to CRO
  • Building and Testing CRO Plan
  • User Experience & Funnel Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Tools to Test and Optimize Conversion
  • Measuring Conversion Efforts

Google Analytics:-

  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Introduction to Monitoring and Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Reduce Bounce & Exit Rates
  • Traffic Tracking
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics

Affiliate Marketing :-

  • Introduction to affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy- Guide & Tools
  • Affiliate marketing programs.
  • Affiliate marketing campaign.

Online Earning:-

  • Introduction to online earning?
  • What is advertiser?
  • What is Publisher?

Tools & Publisher Platform.

  • Adsense
    Amazon Display
    Propeller Ads.
  • Advanced SEO Tools:-
    2.SEO Profiler.
    8.SEO Spy Glass.


That was an insight into CRBtech and its various training programs that come with a 100% job guarantee!!!  Hope that you found it informative.