Tips To Become A Better Programmer:

To be a better programmer you must be better at algorithms, designing using OOPS, data structure, multi-threading and lots of other programming concepts eg: divide and conquer, recursion, prototyping, and unit testing. You can find a mixture of lots of skills in programming and it means it is not practical to learn it in quick time, but it takes lots of time to get it with experience but is not a one night process.

It is possible to be a Java programmer with 5 years of work experience but without being a proficient professional. Most of the candidates are targeting on Java theory for an interview instead of programming and coding skills. Here are few things to help you become a successful Java programmer.

1) Coding, coding, and coding :

It is very tough and the main thing of programming. With the help of coding, you can get to know the errors and handle it well and focus on improving them. It is not possible to just focus on designing as coding is very much important to produce output. Just don’t quit after solving the problem because they keep coming again and again.

2) Go through the books :

As said coding is quite difficult and both good code and the bad code has a major difference but how are you aware of it? It is not possible to understand the difference until you have come across a good code and understand why a code is particularly good. Here is where books come into the picture.

3) Explore Open Source :

With respect to Google, Apache and other projects just participate in the open source code to develop your skills in programming and become a very good programmer. All you need to do is register on their mail list. Rest will be sorted out because you will dwell in the discussion between good programmers and therefore you will be able to understand problem and approach to develop the skills in you.

4) Work more on Algorithms, data structure, and design related problems :

This is very much important to become a very good programmer. You can find lots of programmers are expert in algorithms, data structures, and basics. For any program the key basis is a data structure, learning more about them helps in problem-solving.

5) Get connected with good blogs “

It is similar to reading books and yes it does helps you. Most of the programmers generate such blogs and they give away their personal opinion. It is very easy to understand. They also help you in knowing new features, technology, and API.

6) Reading Code :

It is not just about reading blogs but you need to read codes too. As said earlier reading blog is easy but going through code is quite tough. Just keep viewing various codes different programmers in the forum. Develop your skill, and understand the concept and at first, it will be very difficult to bug the program and understand the code but practice will make you perfect.

7) Writing Unit Test :

Coding process can be understood and groomed with the help of unit test and finally, it will help you to design better. Most of the thing which is tough enough to test but has a great chance of improvement. You can find better abstraction, names, interface, and abstract class design with the help of writing unit test. For average programmers unit test is a tough task but then this is the only way to develop your skills.

8) Review your code :

This method is also very important to become a good solid programmer after unit testing. This helps in two ways for both the author and the reviewer to enhance his code sense and gives advice while author gets to know from his mistake. Code review helps in identifying your mistakes and gain experience in becoming a good programmer.

9) Converse with the fellow programmer :

With respect to talking, reading is very much low energy event. It is always good to connect with a fellow programmer and talking and hearing will help you more when compared to just reading. Most of the programmers indulge in talking with the fellow programmers to groom their skills.

10) Be a part of forums and commenting the blogs :

For updating your skill this activity is very much important. With the help of sharing knowledge the first person who gets the advantage is the one who is open and active. It is a vast field which left unused will make you forget important things. Sharing is the best way to improve your knowledge.