What is Civil Engineering? & Degree Program of Civil Engineering

In simple words, civil engineering deals with infrastructures, from planning to designing, construction, operation and maintenance. It also includes improvement of existing infrastructures.

Attaining a Degree in Civil Engineering Coursework:

As civil engineering deals with different structures and systems, the courses involved in obtaining a degree in civil engineering normally include classes in maths, physics, materials sciences, and design.

Degree programs in civil engineering usually come in a combination of lectures and lab classes. Students are expected to undertake a major design project; in their final year wherein they would apply the theoretical knowledge they have obtained during the whole program.

What are the Requirements?

To make an entry, into a civil engineering degree program varies from institution to institution. Generally, a candidate to must have a strong background in maths and science like chemistry and physics.


As mentioned previously a number of institutions offer specialisations for their students undertaking the civil engineering degree program.

Below we mention a short list of some common offerings in areas of specialisation as a part of civil engineering undergraduate degree:

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Hydraulic Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Construction Engineering

  • Land Development

The accreditation of a degree mainly depends on the nation where the degree is awarded. Mostly, nations have their own accrediting systems for universities and students.

In some countries, one who is eager to practice as civil engineers must take a licensure examination as well. This says that not all graduates of a civil engineering program are able to call themselves as civil engineers.

Time frame of Studies:

A degree in the said field, could take anywhere from 3 to 5 years. The exact duration would depend on the University your Choice and the country wherein it is located.

Skills and Career Prospects:

A civil engineering degree program will offer you a wide range of technical skills like drafting, designing and numeracy. Graduates of the same degree program will also offer you with transferable skills like technological literacy, problem identification and solving, project management, and budgeting. By the end of the course, you will also gain solid knowledge of construction issues, decision making abilities and knowledge regarding laws and regulations.

As the higher number of transferrable skills that civil engineering graduates possess, a career in different fields is quite possible. Some fields that civil engineering graduates get into are law, IT, architecture, finance, business, real estate and management consultation.

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