Here Comes Indias First Ever Underwater Metro Train

Here Comes India’s First Ever Underwater Metro Train !!!

A proud moment for all of us Indians!

Guess what?

A first timer; India’s underwater metro train tunnel below river Hooghly !!!

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Back to the news,

The first occurrence in India, the two parallel 520-meter underwater passages will connect Salt Lake Sector V in Kolkata with the Howrah Maidan which lies across the river, being instrumental in Rs. 8,900 crore East West Metro Project prior to the end of July 2017. The project making use of a gigantic Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) has just started on the bed of the Hooghly River. The passages are being burrowed at a profundity of 30 meters underneath the Earth’s Surface and 13 meters beneath the waterway bed. Out of the 16.6 Km East West Metro course, the tunnels will relate to a 10.8 km underground extend, alongside a lifted passageway that will extend to 5.8 km in length.

The metro rail will travel at a speed of 80 km per hour. Commuters plying on the route of Mahakaran and Howrah metro stations will remain below the river for a minute’s time when the metro rail will go through this under-waterway passage. Of the 16.6-km course of the East-West Metro venture, the underwater portion covers 10.6 km, of which 520 meter is below the river. Almost 10.8km of the aggregate rail line will be underground, including the 502m submerged passage.

Satish Chandra, who happens to be the managing Director of the Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Limited (KMRCL) had said that according to their hopeful gauge before the end of May or the first week of June this year the first under-waterway passage of India will be finished. One tunnel digging machine is now under the water and the second machine will likewise begin work before the finish of May. Both the passages will be finished by July.

The submerged passage is a vital connection for the railroads’ 16.6-km long East-West Metro venture in Kolkata.

The East West Metro development was initially booked to finish by 2012. However, confronted a few deferrals, essentially because of land allocation, course alignment, and issues identified with slum migration.

KMRC will go about as the administrator for Line 2, which otherwise is called the East-West Corridor.

Financing for the venture has been given by the state government (30%), Japan Bank for International Cooperation (45%) and the Union Urban Development Ministry (25%).

The burrowing work began in April a year ago and liable to be finished in the river segment without further ado, a senior railway ministry official stated.

KMRC built up the East West Metro in a joint effort with an Indo-Russian joint venture known as Afcons Transtonnelstroy.

Excited to travel underneath a river? That too in India itself? Now you know as to which place to head.

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