Career Options For Civil Engineers After Completion Of BE In Civil Engineering.

There are several job opportunities after completing BE in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is considered as a most trusted and common degree since a long time, engineering stream is unparalleled, mainly when it comes to the core branches like civil, electrical and mechanical, due to their uniqueness and ability to provide a job, that suit the best for the young, dynamic and enthusiastic candidates who desires to make a civil engineering career in technical heads.

In general, civil is known to be a royal branch of the engineering stream, because when men arrived on earth, his very first necessity was to have a shelter through which he could survive by the sunlight, rain and nature’s wrath.

Hence it is the most acceptable branch from the humanitarian point of view. Everything we see, from the structures like roads, highways, bridges; dams all have been possible only due to the civil engineers.

As per our myths, the very first engineer was the LORD VISHWAKARMA who created many palaces and also from the epics we came to know that the very first bridge was constructed by the VANAR SENA during the times of Rama.

This was a brief introduction of the branch civil engineering and now we are going to share several job opportunities in this field.

One could get a clear picture of different exams and procedure associated with getting the best job in Civil Engineering.

Career Options In Civil Engineering.

  • UPSC

Only one exam conducted by the UPSC in the name of INDIAN ENGINEERING SERVICES EXAMINATION (IES). Being one of the prestigious and well-famed exams in the country, level same as that of the IAS. After qualifying in each of the stages of this exam, viz. PRELIMS, MAINS and INTERVIEW, one has to provide preferences for various services.

  • GATE

After completing your degree in Civil engineering, graduated aptitude test called GATE, is conducted across the country for admission in the M.Tech courses.

The creamy layered student sorted out from this examination is allowed to apply for the engineering posts in various Public sector undertakings like: OIL, coal India, NHPC, NTPC, IRCON, RAILTEL, HLL, HAL, SAIL, GAIL, etc.

  • State Government Engineering Exams

There are a few important examinations conducted by the various state government organisations for government jobs for civil engineers for the posts say ASSISTANT ENGINEERS, JUNIOR ENGINEERS and SUB ENGINEERS, for departments like Irrigation, PWD, Public health engineering.

  • Autonomous Recruitment

Some of the government examinations are conducted by the parent organizations like National highways authority of India NHAI.

  • Opportunities For Civil Engineers In Railways

Being the most common exam, SSE is conducted by the RRB, and along with it they conduct exam for junior engineer.

  • Jobs In Private Company

The era of privatization has created huge opportunities for the civil graduates. Only after completion of the degree, one can practice in the construction sites, along with the established engineers as a site supervisor, site engineer or site manager.  After earning a decent experience one could join the top player’s corporate like TATA, L&T, JP CEMENT, MAIHAR CEMENT, etc.

Some of the famous firms are listed which recruits fresher:








  • Foreign Opportunities

Experience and field knowledge is a must for the civil engineers to work abroad in top companies. After having 3-4 years of experience from the recognized builders and firms, one could apply online in countries like UAE, Malaysia, Singapore and now African nations as well.

Some of the leading firms in Dubai are:






  • Self Business

Being entrepreneur in a nature is a good approach. After completion of the degree program, one could initiate his own construction or consultancy firms on an SME PLATFORM through easily financed venture funding.

But before your own start-up, one need to understand the importance of the experiences, connections with the workers and masons, tools and plant operations and much more. It is wise to invest time in some vocational training course of your interested field before your start up.

Another perspective of a civil engineering is to open an AUTO CAD CENTER to provide plans and drawings of buildings, roads, schools, hospitals etc. Presently, it has high demand in market; fresher are getting Rs. 5000 per drawing.

If you have a patriarchal land, and you wish to start the business of plotting or develop townships, it’s a great idea.

RMC Plant/ Stone Crushers/ Flooring Business

You might have hears about ready mix concrete plants. One can also start the business of delivery of concrete of desired grade to the site, which is a leading business in big cities.

One can also make use of his man and knowledge power in getting into the stone crushing business or in the JCB services systems.

There are several opportunities in the field of Civil engineering. One must to find out his interests, because it’s all about your passion for the work. There are people who didn’t succeeded in the government examinations but are doing well in their domains.

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