Top 5 Defect Tracking Tools In Software Testing

Top 5 Defect Tracking Tools In Software Testing

In today’s blog, we are going to see the various bug management tools used in software testing. There are a variety of them with each of them having some or the other peculiarity in them. If you take admission in a software testing institute in Pune, you can learn testing related courses. That’s if you are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

These defect tracking tools help to file bugs, assign them to concerned stakeholders, track their progress till they are resolved. Bug description and snapshots of it can also be shared using these tools.

CRB Tech which is a software testing institute, will now enlist the popular bug management tools for you:

  1. Bugzilla : Bugzilla has been a popular defect tracking tool utilized by numerous software testing companies for a long while now. It is extremely easy to use, with web based interface. It has every one of the components of substance, assurance and ease of use and is totally publicly released and is free of cost.

  1. Lean Testing : Lean Testing is a free defect tracking and test case management tool developed by testers themselves. It has a browser augmentation to report bugs on sites rapidly and effortlessly and in addition in-application reporting tools to permit testers to report bugs straightforwardly from inside mobile applications.The framework has all that you’d anticipate from a bug tracker and test case management tool, yet extraordinary accentuation has been put on ensuring that everything be intuition based and simple to utilize. Lean Testing is web based and requires no installation.

  1. Jira : Yet another software testing tool for bug filing and tracking. Atlassian JIRA, principally an incident administration tool is likewise generally utilized for bug-tracking. It gives a complete facility of recording, reporting, work process and other accommodation related components. It is a tool that incorporates straightforwardly with the code development environments accordingly making it an impeccable fit for development guys too. Additionally, because of its capacity to track any sorts of issues, it is not as a matter of course thought to be just programming industry and renders itself productively to help work areas, leave management frameworks and so forth. It assists agile projects moreover. It is a business licensed item with numerous add-ins that bolster extensibility.

  1. Mantis Bug Tracker : One thing to say in regards to this tool – don’t be betrayed by its straightforward exterior. That is to say, as far as effortlessness and usability, this software wins the crown. It has each element you can seek after to say the very least. To make up for lost time with the evolving times, Mantis comes as a web application, as well as has its own particular mobile version. It is executed in PHP and is free for use. In the event that you might want it to be facilitated, they do charge a cost, however very moderate, one should say.

  1. ALM from HP : All things considered, no rundown of bug tracking softwares will conclude without the HP QC, OK? HP ALM is an end-to-end test management solution with a vigorous bug tracking system inside it. HP ALM’s bug tracking system is simple, proficient and all that you can request. It bolsters Agile activities as well. It is one of the expensive tools present in the business sector, which keeps on being a prime source of criticism alongside the way that it is not “amicable” with all the web browsers.Presently, what defect tracking tool do you utilize and do you think there is some other tool that you think ought to have made it to the rundown. If you don’t mind tell us your contemplations.

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