Testing Financial/Banking Applications? 5 Vital Aspects To Consider

Testing of banking/financial applications, is by no means a joke. A loophole or a bug in the delivered product would lead to heavy financial losses for the end user/client. Security testing is also of prime importance for such applications.

testing banking/financial application

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Presenting you with the top 5 critical factors to consider, while testing financial/banking applications:

1. Security Testing:

Security Testing is primarily considered towards the finish of the testing process in the wake of finishing the non-functional and functional testing of the application. Be that as it may, the flow and procedures need to change with respect to time. Finance based applications are empowering the exchange of millions of dollars as stocks, products, cash, and the sky is the limit from there.

This implies, you have to look out for the monetary breaches and deal with the sensitive modules on a proactive premise. Security testing encourages you to look for vulnerabilities and address them in consistence with Federal and industry set standards. It helps track vulnerabilities over each platform – Be it mobile applications or web browsers.

2. Analysis of the impact:

It includes analyzing the impact of the changes on the functional application. It concentrates on the modules of the application that could be and in a roundabout way affected by the changes in the application and might require rigorous regression testing. This choice and analysis is for the most part, carried out as a team.

The team engaged with the banking application’s QA is relied upon to distinguish areas that could be influenced and in the long run have them resolved. The method is alluded to as selective re-testing, as it concentrates on reusing the current test cases that have been as of now executed.

3. Performance testing:

Financial/banking applications are wandering into varied markets and products, which requires greater judgment of the normal load on the application. This drives the need to carry out performance testing during the development life-cycle. It enables evaluate, to test, and mange load on the application and as needs be, develop the application.

There are some key advantages of Performance testing, in particular, monitoring and reporting, decreased expenses, improved productivity and lessened down-time. With everything taken into account, this aides in guaranteeing improved quality and a better experience for the clients.

5. Functional testing:

Functional testing is a basic aspect in the software testing process of banking and related applications. It is essential to test the system with total knowledge and verifying all source codes and design for bugs or any sort of vulnerabilities, successfully.

5. Automating tests:

Majority of the finance related applications require thorough testing, as they encounter a wide range of scenarios. Test Automation facilitates the iterative testing process and discards off any errors that can emerge because of manual endeavours. This ought to be possible with automated test scripts or frameworks.

This will additionally guarantee that a wide range of user specific scenarios are tested and the testing team can accomplish a wider test scope. Test Automation can be actualized crosswise over various software testing exercises – stress/performance testing, functional testing and security testing.

The aim is to execute the process in a quicker manner, maintain quality, and accomplish maximum test scope.

Robustness and efficiency of the financial/banking applications can be enhanced using proactive testing methodology and viable risk management. It is certainly a testing space, on account of the more extensive degree and reach of the applications in the financial circle.

Do not forget to consider these critical aspects, while testing finance/banking based applications.

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