Test Plan: An Integral Part of Software Testing Process

Test Plan: An Integral Part of Software Testing Process

A software test plan forms the core of the software testing process. It is one of the primary things that is required before one actually proceeds with the testing or Quality Assurance. Be it functional testing or any other kind of testing.


A test plan is nothing but a written document that in detail describes the activities and the testing scope. It is a part of the formal process of testing any product or software under a project.

A document depicting the approach, scope, resources and calendar of planned test tasks. It recognizes amongst others test things, the modules to be tested, the testing tasks, who will do which task, level of tester freedom, the test environment, the test design procedures and entry-exit criteria to be utilized, and the method of reasoning for their choice,and any risks requiring possibility planning. It is a record of the test planning process.

Template Design for a Test Plan:

The layout and content of a product test plan differ contingent upon the standards, processes, and test management tools being used. In any case, the accompanying format, which depends on IEEE standard for software test documentation, gives a rundown of what a test plan can/ought to contain.

Test Plan Identifier:

  • Assign a unique identifier for the test plan document. It can simply be a unique number assigned to the plan. It helps in identification.


It involves the following

  • Goals and targets need to be mentioned over here.

  • Write an overview of the test plan.

  • Mention the constraints; if any.


  • Enlist the names of the related references alongwith the links, if available, and include these as well:

Project plan.

Configuration management plan.


  • List down the different test items i.e. software/products and their versions.

Features to be tested:

  • Enlist those features of the software that are required to be tested. The ones mentioned here are then tested with the help of test cases.

  • Mention the requirements and/or design specifications of those features to be tested.

Features not to be tested:

  • Enlist those features of the software/product that will not be tested.

  • Mention the reasons why these features won’t be tested.


  • Define overall approach to testing

  • Mention the testing types, testing methods, testing levels etc.

Pass/Fail Criteria:

Indicate the criteria that will be utilized to figure out if every test item (product/software) has passed or failed the tests.


List down the roles and responsibilities of each test team member.


  • Jot down the risks identified.

  • Also specify the contingency and mitigation plan for each risk.


Give an outline of the timetable, indicating key test milestones, and/or give a link to the detailed calendar.


Give an outline of test estimates (expense or effort) and/or give a link to the detailed estimation.

Some of the important points of the test plan template are covered here with the details. Many more can also be included in it. It depends on the requirement.

Guidelines for a Test Plan:

  • Design the plan in a compact manner. Maintain a strategic distance from repetition and vagueness. On the off chance that you think you don’t need a section that has been specified in the layout above, simply move ahead and erase that section in your test plan.

  • Be particular. For instance, when you mention an O.S. as a property of a test environment, specify the OS Edition/Version too, not only the OS Name.

  • Make utilization of tables and lists wherever feasible. Stay away from protracted sections.

  • Have the test plan checked various times before baselining it or sending it for approving. The nature of your test plan says a lot about the quality of the testing you or your team is going to perform.

  • Overhaul the plan as and when essential. An out-dated and unused document smells bad and is more terrible than not having one in any case.

These were a few important things related to a software test plan. Software testing in Pune is of good quality..

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